16 October 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Seeing Faces in Strange Unexpected Places
This is the home of one of the critters in Heaven. They made it just outside my bedroom window's frame. The fun part is you see faces upside down too!

This is our plant Hoya. I got this from my archive. The Hoya flower is small and composed of several star-shaped flowers and when the petals unfurl . . .

The Hoya flower in full bloom from my archives because they are not blooming well at this time.

I normally collect and recycle paper for creative work but this particular letter I burned which made me cry for 3 reasons: I did not like the contents, I hate burning, I hate wasting paper. Sigh.

I should show one of my paintings but I decided to just go natural and show the fungi after the rain. It looks like an abstract flower. Ha!


Abby K said...

Great photos! I really like the two of the hoya plant.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your fire made me want to make a Smore's : )
Wishing you a happy week. Capture beauty.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I really like your fire shot.

Saun said...

Awesome! I like them all have a great week.