07 November 2011


. . . is the name of our chico tree.

Chicky is roughly 25 years old. She was planted by my late Mama as soon as we moved in Heaven from the city. Mama was ecstatic to find ample lot to plant trees and flowers in our house I named Heaven!

These are Chicky's flowers which signify the arrival of her fruits!

Chicky's round fruits are sweet and juicy
but lately I rarely get to eat her fruits
because the birds always beat me to it!

. . . when I hold onto Chicky's slender arms
she sways as if she wanted to dance!

. . . and of course I dance with her!

. . . while serenading her lovely lovely leaves
and the shadows that cast enchanting spells
that always make the dogs Sumo and Sweepy bark excitedly!

Chicky knows a lot of my secrets
and she always reach out a branch to caress me
as I absentmindedly go about the daily business
of cleaning the surroundings before I go.

I know your inner spirit
and it knows mine.
I shall forever embrace it
for when I do
I embrace myself as well.

For Lisa and her enchanting images:


Minoru said...

Your house and garden look like Heaven!

LauraX said...

We had a tree growing up, a dogwood who knew all of my secrets. Your Chicky is lovely.

Anna said...

What a beautiful tree, one with which you share many memories! Your bit of the world does indeed look heavenly! Yes, please come for coffee or tea:)

Connie Smiley said...

Lui, your tree is beautiful, as are your words about it. It sounds like a good friend.

Ellie said...

That must be some tree at 25 years old. It looks lovely and well cared for.
Thank you for popping over and leaving a comment on my baby's breath post I'm glad you liked my picture :))

AJ said...

I don't know that tree, but it looks so pretty. Beautiful captures!

lisa said...

I've never heard of this Lui. Its flowers are beautiful, and I love the "dancing" photograph! Just perfect!

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


NatureFootstep said...

how nice to have a tree like that. :) And it has beautiful flowers too.

SandyCarlson said...

Your house, garden, and pups take me to paradise!

Jeanne said...

Good morning Lui! Am so happy to see you this morning and love your photos! You are my "sharemate" for the Christmas Holiday, and am looking forward to sending you some Christmas Cheer from texas! Happy day, and looks as if you have a lovely place that you are living. Love your puppies too. Aren't they so much company!