15 December 2011

As I Wait

Waiting is such a tedious task. It puts my world into a comatose state. So to calm my restless self I tried to soak in the beauty of my surroundings as I transform them into monochrome where the details stand out. In its stark clear simplicity, my waiting has been transformed into a meditative mode.
For Dragonstar and The Weekend in Black and White.


Genie said...

I am one of those unusual people who likes the power lines so of your two shots, the first has to be my favorite. Love the contrast of the beautiful and the mundane but useful and necessary. The details captured in black and white are fine. genie

Wayne said...

I really like the second photo, the sky makes for a wonderful background.

I have great difficulties waiting as well. I should learn to meditate, I'm sure it will help me.

Can you allow comments from OpenID in your blog? I do not use my blogger account.

LauraX said...

Beautiful Lui!!! I hope you will consider sending me an email about what you are grateful for to add to this year's gratitude word quilt. It will be posted on my blog on Dec 31st. I am collecting expressions of gratitude from around the world.

Thank you for your comment on my post...writing and photography are creative, therapeutic practices for me these days. They sustain me quite well, though I do miss working with my hands the way I did in the past as a collage artist, textile designer and art teacher. You work with the abilities and gifts you have. It sounds like you are doing some very important and healing work with others, that's wonderful!

FjÀllripan said...

Oh I like these very much. So beautiful photos! Greetings from Sweden :)

Dimple said...

I like both of these. The power lines give a strong contrast to the leaves and branches in the first, and the sky in the second gives them a lovely setting.

Dragonstar said...

I like the arrangement of the first, and the glorious sky in the second. Your waiting seems a productive time.