13 December 2011


His name is Petrocelli.
I featured him before.
I sorta adopted him.
Sorta, because nobody can really adopt a stray cat and make him stay put in the house. Cats like Petrocelli demand the freedom of movement which is fine with me because my sister Loyd is not into anything furry "inside' the house. My dogs Sumo and Sweepy have their own house within our property so Loyd is fine with that. But Petrocelli seem content with a regular meal and a space to laze around . . .
I always save food for Petrocelli and when I see him above the shed in the backyard I serve him his food at once!
. . . He can be shy but when he smells the fish . . .
He grabs a mouthful . . .
. . . and walks out to the neighbor's roof behind us
presumably to finish his meal.
But then he goes back for more:
And I assure him that he should finish the whole thing right there
because I prepared it for him alone.
And like a true wanderer who can not believe his luck
he stays unconvinced and guarded in the distance.
But I would soothe his fears until he finishes the meal . . .
. . . and I would inspect him for any wounds
by running my hand on his rough fur
and I would feel his need for affection
and his gratitude for my feeding him.
Petrocelli has not bitten me at any time.
And Petrocelli stays for a while
to rest on the roof
as I sing to him
of our common spirit
and our restless souls
finding our place
and our home
wherever our wandering bring us . . .

And I will miss Petrocelli for days
and check the roof whenever I can
and store food for him
and reserve a space in my heart
for wanderers like him . . .


Ginger said...

Ah, he is gorgeous. All of my cats have always been in-door; most have lived 16-20 years. I would worry constantly about them outside.

Gattina said...

some cats just don't stand to stay inside. How nice that you feed him that's all he needs and a good place to rest.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Petrocelli is beautiful. It's wonderful that you are gaining his trust. Bless you for feeding him. It's sad to think of all the stray cats who don't have anyone to provide food for them.

thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will come again soon.

http://graceolsson.com/blog said...

oh lUI,


THAT´S reason for me dont post like before....

thanks for your message.

lisa said...

Lui, Petrocelli is just adorable!
I have a Petrocelli too! Her name is simply "Kitty," and she is a wonderful big girl. Someone just left her, but she will always have a home here.

Cheri said...

Some cats like to have their freedom. Thank you for caring for him. All of ours were feral cats living in our yard and eventually came to let us love them and bring them in.

Cats of wildcat woods

Sivinden said...

Nice photos of plants with and without flowers - and the series of the cat:)