01 January 2012

Memories, Dreams, Reflections 2011

For a change I included Pilipino titles to my prompts.

1. Me (Ako)
Taken in my house Heaven.
I had a quiet but busy 2011 designing and facilitating creative workshops for kids and adults, doing project feasibilities and contributed a lot of creative work for individuals and groups. And I chose to take doable stand for animal welfare, care and protection.

2. I Love You (Mahal Kita)
Nothing happens around Heaven without these two father and son dog tandem of Sumo and Sweepy getting into the act. And they are allowed to do that because I love them to bits!

3. Still Laughing (Nakakatawa)
My sister Luchie and I are always laughing at the dogs antics. Animals are such great stress busters.

4. Winter Wonderland (Taglamig)
We do not have winter but December is the coolest month and where we have several storms visit us like the recent tragedy far south.

5. Birthday (Kaarawan)
As a dessert freak, instead of the usual birthday cake I had ube flavored ice cream cake!

6. Friends (Kaibigan)
My older sister Luchie is my BFF. And desserts come second ;-)

7. I Was Inspired (Napahanga Ako)
My dog Sweepy inspires me because he always notify me of any animals in pain and he wanted me to act on it! So now we have to include feeding some animals in our neighborhood and fighting for their rights. which always get me into trouble.

8. Spring Fever (Tagsibol)
Well, we only have dry and wet season being in a tropical country but spring represents growth and what better image than the Hoya (featured in my last post) deciding to bloom again!

9. Travel or Vacation (Lakbay)
Since I live in the outskirt of the city, I enjoy this scenery every time I travel near or far from home.

10. Summer Days (Tag-init)
Summer mean 36 degrees centigrade HOT in my island and gets super hot from March to May!

11. A Day in my Life (Ang Araw Ko)
My day starts and ends with my dogs because I have to feed and take care of them. Which is why I do most of my creative work in the house and travel 3 times a week only.

12. All Smiles (Puno Ng Ngiti)
One of the many kids passing by our house every December waiting for candy treats and returns with this big smile on her face which melts my heart!

13. Autumn Harvest (Taglagas)
And this is the reason for the big smile above! I start collecting candy treats before December to give to children like the girl above every Christmas. It takes so little for some children to find joy and delight in life.

14. Family or Home (Pamilya/Bahay)
And that's my brother Jojo home for the holidays. Beside him is my sister Loyd. Jojo cooked and brought food enough to feed a community!

15. Celebrate (Magdiwang)
My dog Sweepy whined at me not to use this paper horn that my sister Luchie bought to blow on New year's countdown. Needless to say, I nagged Luchie and everybody including local leaders to speed up the resolution for a total ban on firecrackers.

16. Let's Do It Again (Ulitin Natin!)
These are the poor kids in my community who always find their way to my house. And this holiday they were happy to get their candy treats. And they shouted back "more! More!"

17. I Miss You (Hinahanap Kita)
I miss this stray cat Petrocelli who waits for food on the roof shed in our backyard. Because of the incident this holiday (please read in previous post) Petrocelli has decided to stay out of our property in the meantime. I also miss my brother Joey who resides in San Francisco.

18. Beautiful (Maganda)
I always find something beautiful in our small garden.

19. Dress Up (Bihis na bihis)
These are some of the dogs I met and befriended at the mall. Needless to say, they out-dress Sweepy with these outfits!

20 Macro (Malapitan)
A close up shot of one of our orchids about to bloom.

21. Holidays (Kapaskuhan)
Our Christmas and New Year's celebration is not complete without all the round fruits of the season to bring in luck. I do not really believe in such traditions except Luchie. But I love fruits!

22. My Favorite (Paborito Ko)
I love ube (purple yam) and anything violet. This ube flan was made by our laundry woman Flor who gave it to us and I finished it all! Yum!

23. Don't Ever Change (Huwag Kang Magbabago)
My dogs Sweepy and Sumo are now in their senior years yet they are still active and loveable!

24. Just Because . . . So There (Wala Lang)
And this is what remained on our street this morning after New Years eve: remnants of the used fireworks package. I am joining the campaign for a total ban on firecrackers, a senseless tradition in my country that brings pollution, severe accidents, fires, not to mention the cost and the noise and the trauma to animals whose sense of hearing is very sensitive.

25. Hopes and Dreams (Pangarap)
I hope that our local leaders would be led
to community friendly projects
and for individuals to affirm their creative and artistic self.

Have a happy an meaningful 2012!!!


Patrice said...

Nice shots...love your hopes and dreams composition! Blessings to you in the new year!

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you too :) hope 2012 brings more inspiration and sucess. xxo

Tamar SB said...

What a great year you had! Happy new year!

Marla said...

Great shots! I hope you have a fabulous 2012!

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Ashley Sisk said...

What a wonderful year you've had - I hope 2012 is even better!

henzy said...

Ube flavored cake? Had never even heard of a ube before.. a yam as you said. Interesting. What would it taste like? Sweet?

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Happy New Year Lui. Thank you for visiting The Vintage Nest blog. I hope you get your wish for no fireworks. My dog, even though he is a retriever and hunting dog, does not like gun fire or crackers at all. :)

Viola said...

Lui!!!! Sooo many and so absolutely gorgeous pictures!! I loved to see you and S and S!! =) You're a lovely lady with two lovely dogs!! :))
And so fun with the manipulated picture of you and the other lady..(your sister maybe?)

Great fun and I just love these pictures of yours!! =)

Love from Viola and soft scratchy hugs from Pusa!^^)

Viola said...

Aha-- I was right! Your sister! :)) First I did not read under the pictures, because I first enlarged all of them.. now I'll read what you've written! :))

Viola said...

I've now read all! :) Lovely words! And my boyfriend and I do not sed up firecrackers! But we saw the firecrackers from the balcony.. Pusa got afraid and hided straight away on her best hiding place in the flat! My sister said she saw one bird flying like crazy by the balcony!! Poor birds and foxes and cats and dogs and animals out there, it's aching in my heart every New Year's Eve.. At same time I think the firecrackers are beautiful to watch, but it doesn't matter....if *I* was the boss...!! (I would hva forbidden it!!)

You are tough! (both taking care for the animals even if it makes troubles for you and working to forbid the firecrackers!)

You deserve a golden star!! :)

Denise said...

What an absolutely beautiful post Lui. I enjoyed it so much, thank you my friend.

justine said...

fantastic shots for the year!

michael bird said...

Ah, Lui, you make it all so lovely. And it's good to see your lovely self portrait. I see an affinity for stray critters, children, dogs and cats and flowers. More?