02 January 2012

The Creative Exchange

Favorite Photograph of 2011
I posted this photograph of our Hoya plant at The Creative Exchange on my birthday! I will never tire watching this plant grow because it is so delicate but sturdy and amazingly gorgeous from bud to bloom!

I have a lot of favorite images but let me share with you another unposted image with a happy story. The picture below is our neighbor dog we named Dawgy:
Although Dawgy's owner has the means to feed her well it does not seem to be the case just by looking at Dawgy's condition. Dawgy would call out to us and my dog Sweepy would always call my attention to Dawgy's plight. Dawgy's condition resonate in our subdivision where people own dogs and subject them to abuse. This was the reason I teamed up with my dog Sweepy to bring the plight of animal care and protection to local leaders to take action. It is an ongoing advocacy of ours. And part of our doable project is to feed Dawgy regularly along with other dogs and cats in the neighborhood.

Last December 31, Dawgy's owner left the house presumably to spend new year's eve elsewhere. Dawgy was left alone and went missing afterwards. Dawgy did not come to their gate when we called her name for her meals for two days! I was pretty distraught wondering if something bad had happened to her in her fright and stress over the sound of firecrackers. I worried that she has not eaten and had no water to drink.

At dawn today (January 2), I woke up to the sound of Dawgy barking at 3AM. I hurriedly got up from bed, rushed out and found him inside their property barking at a passing stray cat! I rushed to the kitchen, prepared her meal, and crossed over to Dawgy's house to feed her. Later and back in bed, I found myself crying in both joy and relief. Someday, dogs like Dawgy will not hide for days in fear. But for today, while I can still do something about it, Dawgy is mine, is fed, and is loved. And I know this is one of the best creative exchanges I can muster.

For Lisa and her creative spirit and friendship!
And for all those who care and nurture the helpless and needy, I bless you with the most fulfilling 2012!


Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful photo of the Hoya. Great job!
Greetings from Hilda

Nadege, said...

Lovely photos. Nice to look back on 2011 images.

Birgitta - foto CHIP said...

I like the picture of your hand and Hoya plant - great composition!

lisa said...

Oh Lui, Dawgy is so thin. My heart breaks when I see things like this, and I feel such rage for the people who allow this to happen. These poor little creatures do not have a choice, and that is so unfair. As mean as it sounds, I am a true believer in "An Eye for an Eye" when it comes to things such as this.

Thank you for being the wonderfully kind and caring person you are, and I hope Dawgy continues to come back to you to be fed. You are a true sweetheart.

Thank you so very much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great day!


A Garden of Threads said...

Great shots. Take care and have a wonderful day.

LauraX said...

exquisite Lui!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Dawgy has you for a neighbor - a guardian angel to watch out for him.
May you and yours have the most wonderful new year!

geetlee said...

I love the story of Dawgy. I'm so glad that he came back.
I hope you have a blessed and wonderful new year!

Viola said...

Oh Lui.. I have tears in my eyes when reading about Dawgy! She is looking quite thin, I think.. But I'm soooo glad she came back!! And that an angel like you is nearby to her! You're a hero Lui! :)

All the best for you and your two beautiful S's in this New Year! :)) May all your dreams come true! :)

Love you always, from Pusa and Viola! :)

Jeanne said...

Oh Lui, I was hoping so much that when you said that Dawgy went missing, he had gone missing to your house. How kind you are to feed this poor dog. Have a wonderful new year, filled with blessings to you and your fur friends! Jeanne

Lui said...

Thank you all for visiting!

To answer Jeanne and others query as to why I have not adopted Dawgy and simply bring him home with me is simply because I learned that I am only capable to take care of two dogs (ideally only one!) but this won't stop me from doing something to ease the plight of those not in my house Heaven.

If I stumble upon a hungry person (not just beggars) and I have the means to feed him or ease his pain at that moment, I will. But I will not bring him home to live with me.

I would know where to draw the line when it comes to charity and what I can effectively do on a longer basis.

I truly appreciate all your concern!

Merike said...

Beautiful photo :)

Ellie said...

What a lucky dog dawgy is having a friend like you. I don't and will never understand how people can have pets and then mistreat them.
Good for you taking the time and effort to do this for him. Hugs to you.

Elisabeth Andrée said...

Thank you Lui for taking care of Dawgy! I am upset because of her the story. I know she is not the only one, but it is a relieve that she has you and Sweepy as her friends.
Your website is loaded with beautiful pictures, and I love the way you write about your dogs.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your beautiful words!

Pat said...

I can see why this is a favorite photo. The perspective is great!

Denise said...

You and Sweepy are Dawgy's earth angels Lui. Thank God she has you to look out for her and all of you in Heaven a Very Happy New Year!

Connie Smiley said...

So sad about Dawgy, but I'm glad you were able to give him a full belly. How he must love you!

Liz said...

Lovely photo! It's nice to look back on your photos for the year.

Sivinden said...

Nice photos - and great love.