13 February 2012

The Creative Exchange

There is a time, a place, a being that becomes a part of our lives.
They attach a whole new meaning to who and what we are.

And because I own dogs
and I instinctively 'communicate' to animals
people say they are my substitute to actual children
the same way they attribute my creative work
as my 'creative babies.
As my friends would say
Some people have children, Lui has pets.

I have no earth-shaking denial to that.
I love children. I love animals.
I love people irregardless of age, gender, race or color.
And although I love animals there are those
that I simply can not stand:
crawling things like lizards (Sorry Troy!)
frogs (Sorry Frogsky!), leeches (Yikes, sorry MrLeach!)
flies and mosquitoes (OMD, sorry Mr&Ms Fly!)
not to mention snakes (ah, I'm glad I have no friend snakes!)
rats, bugs, bees, wasp . . .
. . . oh but I'm sure you know what I mean!

What I really mean to say is
I do not NEED to have animals around me
(now you know why I can not simply accept pets as gifts!)
simply because the animals that became my friends
came by way of connection.
Out of the 30 litters of Sumo and Pica
I only chose Bogart and Sweepy
simply because they 'talked' to me.
The same way you have your BFF with you.
You spark a connection and you stay connected.
And BTW I do have human friends ;-)

I happen to be a hyper person that is moody
loud one minute and quiet the next,
can juggle several major projects and events
yet long for that long quiet private moments
that can be taxing for one in a relationship.
I prefer my independence and own space.
All my exes know this now by heart
which is the reason I am friends with all of them!

I had great moments with animals
as I had great moments with people
and nature, and energies,
and anything silly and serious in life.
I can afford to do that because I chose
to have a meaningful relationship with myself!

To enjoy the pace of my walks
my creative hours, my moodiness,
my obnoxious humor and hilarious ideas . . .

. . . and simply enjoy
the simple and the grandeur
the neat and messy episodes
and the bottomline
and epilogues
and chapters that need editing
or stories that needed a sequel.

I buried my dead but not the memories.
I said my goodbyes and also my hellos.
I will keep shedding a tear
as I will keep smiling
at the setting sun
and anticipate its rising.
I am still whole
and I love fiercely
and shamelessly.


For all my delightful and wacky friends
whether human, animal, plants and make-believe ones
and most especially
for the highly creative Lisa:


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Your little yellow friend is very sweet.

minor said...

Looking your photos and reading your story, I would become very happy. Truly you live in a heaven.

Anna said...

Hi Lui,
Sounds like you are a great lover of life!!! These photos are so fun :)
Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day and week!

Karen said...

Delightful shots of your doggies!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Cute clay animal that's featured in your photos. A creative idea! Enjoy your Monday, Lui!

Pat said...

I love animals too, but alas, do not have any pets...

marit´s,,, said...

Wow wow he he.
So funny pictures, big and small dogs are cute.
creative post I like it well.

Marit, Norway

lisa said...

Thank you Sweetheart, and what a beautiful post!

I am most definitely with you on the lizards, etc. I did once care for a lizard that was my son's. Nasty little thing it was! His teeth found my fingers far more than I care to admit.

Thank you also for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange. I am glad you are doing okay, and it is good to have you back!

Have a wonderful evening my Friend!

lisa. xo

Viola said...

Oh Lui, thanks for wonderful words in this post, you are a very special person to me! :) You are a person living your life fully, where other is searching for things to happen in their future..
I'm so glad to have met you my friend! :)

Happy Valentine Day to you and Sweepy from me and Pusa :* ^^*

NatureFootstep said...

lol, what can I say? I love it. So cool it is. Well done.

Dorian Susan said...

Love these "old timer" face shots of Sumo. I imagine he's running 'round heaven about now. Hugs.

Connie Smiley said...

Lui, such a sweet post, a glimpse inside your loving heart. Walking with Barley today, I was thinking about you and Sumo. My best to you and Sweepy.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Lovely photos.

Regards and best wishes

Sweepy said...

Woof Keeper!
You did not tell them that I hate clay and anybody copying me!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Lovely post and love that you are true to yourself! That is the most important thing!