27 February 2012

The Creative Exchange

There is a planetary alignment in the skies this week.
No, I am not predicting a doomsday scenario.
And neither am I an expert on what it really means.
But I noticed that a part of my body got swollen
the way it did 5 years ago.
It is not painful and I am pretty sure
that it will return to normal like before.
But since our bodies are energies and water
it tends to react to how the universe swirls!
We had extremely HOT and rainy episodes this week
that made a lot of people vulnerable to sickness
so I keep reminding myself to drink lots of water
let go of petty arguments
and laugh at life and yourself.
And these images were not taken in the skies.
These were taken while I was doing an art session with kids
and I had to shoot fast while balancing a 3-year-old in my lap
and with kids talking all at the same time
and messy little hands are all over me! ;-)
These images came from the kids lava lamp
that adorn their pretty room
and distract us from time to time ;-)

When changes seem to distract us
learn to let go,
go deeper into yourself,
and look at the world
with kinder eyes . . .

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Jeanne said...

such lovely colors in this lava lamp. those lamps can be addicting to watch. Hope you are well !

lisa said...

Lui, these are wonderful images and so perfect for your post. I totally agree with you about the weather and our bodies. If you really pay close attention there are definitel changes, both good and not so good.

Thank you for being with us today at The Creative Exchange.

I wish you a beautiful Monday, and week ahead!

lisa. xo

gina said...

Lava lamp -- I never would have guessed! How did you ever managed to get those fascinating images with a kid in your lap? Lovely post -- I especially like your last bit about looking at the world with kinder eyes. Have a good week!

Pat said...

Pretty cool images and wise words of advice!

Carolina Mts said...

Very cool pics - I thought they were balloons with an eery light! You are right about letting go and looking at the world with kinder eyes. I too have had weird ailments - nothing serious but something new.

Nadege, said...

Very cool shots.

Anna said...

Hi Lui,
A lava lamp, what a great idea for a photo shoot! Very cool color and form in these captures!
Hope your week is wonderful :)

Reena Walkling said...

So creative to capture these wonderful motions from the lava lamp. They can be so relaxing!

Laura said...

awesome photos...I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

very creative Keeper Lui!
may you have the happiest birthday :)

geetlee said...

I love lava lamps and hope to own one some day!
Beautiful pics, I hope you feel better soon :)

Vita Stunder said...

Beautiful pictures!

Genie said...

My three children are in their 40’s but I can remember the era of the lava lamps. They loved them. The shots you got of the movements are awesome. It is amazing you were able to take such wonderful shots while holding the baby. genie

Tatjana Parkacheva said...


Regards and best wishes

Jidhu Jose said...

Bday wishes


Viola said...

Interesting! And such beautiful pictures and colors! :) Yes I do believe we are influenced by the cosmos.. we are a part of the whole *thing* or *power*.. :)