28 February 2012

Pssst...its my Bday!

It is the 29th past 10 AM (Manila)
but 28th past 6 PM in other countries.
I was born on the 28th at 8 AM.
But it does not really matter
because birthdays are just dates
that mark your passing on earth . . .
I normally treat my family to lunch
but since I will be out and so will my other sis Loyd
(there are only 3 people in the house!)
I told them I will just buy something.
So I bought mango cake roll (top picture),
buko salad ice cream I ate with fresh banana,
and pansit malabon (yummy noodle dish for long life.)
I gave everyone including our neighbor,
our neighbors' dogs and my dog Sweepy
and of course my two older sisters who live with me!
This morning I ate the leftover cake with coffee
and tried to read the papers to no avail.
Sweepy had bum stomach
(I have to avoid giving him sweets!)
and I had to take him out for fresh grass.
Grass relieves dogs upset stomach . . .

So on my birthday,
nursing my swollen throat
and practically dying from the heat
I conducted an art session . . .
This is called Top of the World made by my student Ignacio.
(This is a visual exercise using top view perspective)
Ignacio is in his 40s and has mental retardation.
I am always advised against using that term
and instead to use special or with disabilities.
But Ignacio is comfortable with the word 'retarded'
and I believe that if we are able to face our disabilities
(everybody has one!) we can resolve the difficulties
and learn to rise above it. . .
This is Ignacio's second artwork inspired by The Lorax.
I indulge my students with narratives
and when they wanted to illustrate it
I encourage them to do so!
Art, in its many forms (media),
can be our best medium to clarify,
to heal, to resolve complexities,
to activate our sleeping brains (whole-brain activity)
(some modern gadgets can make part of our brain passive!)
and basically to make us whole again!
I felt better after my session with Ignacio
and he looked happy with the results as well!
And this is the reason why I design and facilitate workshops!

So it is my birthday. The weather is lousy but a lot of people (and animals!) made me feel better and special and happy. So thank you to all who greeted me: Elle, Teddy, Jojo and his family (Dennis even texted me!), Belinda, Annabelle, Rizalina, Magnolia, Mhel, Joey (I MISS YOU bro!), Lisa January, Erlyn, Denise G (love the e-card!), Viola and Pusa, Tita Virgie and Minda, Andrea, Rissa, Joyen, Ingrid, Patrick & Joey, Allan, Rob, Celadon, Dinky, and our neighbor dogs Dawgy and Putol, Jennifer M . . . I will update as it comes . . .

This is a special post to all my friends.
It is not linked to any memes.

Thank you for thinking of me.
I truly truly appreciate this.
I zap you all with healing light, love and pure energy!


Sweepy said...

Happy bday, Keeper!
Can I have more ice cream?

Pat said...

Happy Birthday - I wish I could be there to help you eat that cake. It looks delicious!

Connie Smiley said...

Lui, so sorry to miss your birthday, but it sounds (and looks) like it was delightful! So, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, LUI!! Please tell Ignacio that I love his art. And take care of that throat.

Viola said...

....and I would say Happy Birthday to you dear Lui :) even if I didn't make it on your b.day as I had promised.. But I hope you and Sweepy had a real great day.. And I just open my eyes wide when reading about art and healing.. which I should need right now.. Yes I believe in facing the problem to solve it.. Not all understand that.. But you do..
I've not been visiting blogs or blogging for a while, but I suddenly remember your b.day.. (a little too late..) I'm having some blue days, but will start to blog when it has passed--
Wish you and Sweepy all the best, take care!

Warm greetings and hugs from Viola and Pusa :) ^^)

minor said...

Happy birth day to Lui. Many people gathered to your birthday. I envy you.

michael bird said...

I wondered where that zap was coming from the other day... Consider yourself rezapped.

lina@happy family said...

Belated happy birthday...