04 February 2012

Oh Fly High And Be Free, Sumo!

My alpha dog Sumo died February 4, 5 PM (Manila time)
I never knew I will sit before my sister's PC typing this.
My own PC went pfft and I never had the chance to have it fix.
My time and energy seemed focus on my dogs lately.

Things happened so fast and I watched this frisky proud dog turn 12 years old just last January 15 and in a week, in a snap, he lost everything (his appetite, sense of smell, sight, movement, energy, etc.) that made him the Alpha and leader of his family.

I will miss that smile on his fierce face
that conveyed some special messages
that only existed between us . . .

I will miss him watching me from the corner
and telling me that it is OK to hear the plants sing . . .
to greet the lizard who jumps to meet me . . .
to stare in awe and wonder at the flock of birds
who watches me from my windows at dawn . . .
to feel the energy of a stone,
the healing power of the sun,
and the energy of the moon when it is full,
the pulse of the dry earth on my palms
and the power of the Divine around us.
Yes, that black dog taught me all that!

I will miss his patient self beside his (also senior!) pup Sweepy.
I will miss his humor (only another animal lover can appreciate this!)
I will miss his bravery and compassion
(he barks to call my attention to crying dogs around us!)
and the fierce loyalty even as he lie sleeping . . .

. . . with one eye keeping watch over me
and that look that told me he wanted to leave already . . .
That he needed to go
and I must let him go . . .

I promised him I will not cry
but I was shamelessly crying beside him every day
making him extend his leaving longer than his body can.

It felt peaceful to see Sumo fly free
on the birthday of my late Papa
to where he will be whole again
to where the spirit does not age
and where he will meet his mate Pica
and his other pup Bogart
on a not-so-distant Heaven
called Rainbow Bridge . . .

For Sumo
January 15, 2000 - February 4, 2012


Viola said...

My dear friends Lui and Sweepy..

I'm so sad so sad.. I'm sitting here crying in front of my pc and in front of the lovely pictures of Sumo and Sweepy..

Sumo is/was/ such a nice dog, so wise.. and I've learnt to know him and you and Sweepy through your blogs.. and now I'm so sad he's gone.. but I'm quite sure he is at a new lovely Heaven, watching over you..

I know you are having a hard and sad time now.. I feel with you..

Peace, love and light be with Sumo, rest in peace..

Our warm warm thoughts and hugs from Viola and Pusa..

lisa said...

Lui, when I did not see you and Sweepy today, I somehow just knew, but came here with the hope that I was wrong. I am so very, very sorry.

Fly free Dear Sumo, and may you rest in peace.

Lui, please know that I am hugging you both.

lisa. xo

Pat said...

So sorry to hear of Sumo's passing. It's hard to lose someone you love...

Denise said...

Oh Lui, my heart is very sad for you and Sweepy today. Sumo was so loved and will be loved forever. I am sending you a big hug, and may all the sweet memories you have of him get you through this very sad time. Denise xxx

Pat said...

Oh. Lui, I am so sad. I struggled through tears to read your beautiful words of tribute to Sumo. It must give you peace to know that he had a wonderful life with you and will always live in your memory. Hugs to you and Sweepy.

Connie Smiley said...

Oh Lui, I am so sorry for you. Your tribute to him was beautiful, pure poetry. Hugs to you, and pats to

Jeanne said...

Oh I am so sorry to read this lui!! I just sent a message saying I was hoping you are well, and then saw this. Your photos of him are lovely and made me cry. I know how hard it is when you lose an animal that you love. How lucky he was though to have such a wonderful "keeper" and know that his memory will be with you forever. Blessings and hugs from Texas, Jeanne