19 February 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


I wear love with time! ;-)



I sometimes wear two watches at work (to synchronize meetings in different time zones) especially when mounting an art exhibit. But oftentimes, I don't ;-)

As for 'trending', I checked Yahoo and found that 'autism spectrum' is trending this week. I am doing works that heal and express needs and fears (mostly with kids and adults with disabilities like autism, mental retardation, etc.)


This cute blue watch with plastic strap is perfect when I am in an art workshop with kids because it is practically waterproof, paintproof, childproof (Read: I won't die if it gets painted, dropped, etc.) PLUS I can always change the strap! This one needs a change of strap now ;-)


An old paper clock made from used newspaper that I recycled, painted and installed with a timepiece. My late dog Bogart destroyed one of the hand :-( but it still works! ;-) Now I know the hour but not the minutes. Ha!

As you can see, for this week's SHS challenge, I am using the different time pieces in Heaven! ;-)


The Chair Speaks said...

Your love time is so cute!

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Cute :) I just listed a bunch of watches on eBay that I got for FREE at a yard sale yesterday. I've already sold one for $7.00. That's pretty good!

Have a lovely day,
Mrs. Sarah Coller

Riet said...

What a lovely post. Happy Monday.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nice watches.

Christine E-E said...

your LOVE pic is beautiful... TRENDING --- autism is truly challenging for families... I hope research continues to explore different strategies for reaching these children. Nice set of pictures.

Viola said...

And me I don't wear clocks.. many many years since I had one on my wrist..
But I love the last one, the green clock, you are an artist having made this one! =)

Denise said...

Very clever to wear the two watches for different time zones. I like your collection very much, in fact I love old clocks especially.