18 February 2012

Its All About Pink!

I am not really a pink person
which is why it is quite a challenge
for me to look for pink stuff for Beverly's
I think this is the reason for the challenge
and to share snippets of daily life
with anything pink in it!

The pink images above are the details found in the tablecloth
from one of the tables in our house Heaven:

. . . this is a cozy corner in our house
where my older sister love to read the papers!

And this pink below:

. . . is a detail from the tablecloth
in our dining room table:

As you can see I love hand-sewn details
especially the intricate designs
which is why, when I saw it,
I immediately requested that my sister buy it!
Since I am the stylist (read: house designer/cleaner)
I get to choose the items to decorate our house!
Note: these items are almost 10 years old
and they still look good!

PS: In the first picture you might notice that the embroidery surrounding the pink flower were made from several heart designs!

Have a happy heart week!


lisa said...

I am not really a pink person either, but this sure is some pretty pink! Beautiful stitching, and I really like that you can see all the love that went into making it.
Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend Lui.
Do hug that "big guy" for me. :-)

lisa. xo.

Viola said...

I am neither nor a pink person.. :)) But you found the pink at last :) What a very beautiful tablecloth! I too love the hand sewing stuffs! Do your sister live together with you? So great! =)
Cosy corner-wow! =)

Have a lovely weekend! :)

Connie Smiley said...

These are beautiful, Lui! Normally, I'm not a big fan of pink either, but something as beautiful as that could win me over.

Tanya@takesix said...

So very beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by Take Six.

Denise said...

So pretty and I love those close up shots.