31 March 2012

Could It Be A Rosal?

Does it matter if you do not know my name?
Does it matter if you can not touch me?
I saw this bush filled with white flowers this week. I ran wild and took lightning shots! It normally takes me seconds to take pictures because
1) I get impatient
2) I am running out of time
(like when I'm in transit and just have a few seconds to shoot!)
3) the place is uncomfortable
(like there are critters flying around and I am in danger of attack!
Or it could be high noon and too hot, or raining, or too windy, etc.)
4) My battery is dying on me!
(This happens a LOT!)
And so many times I do not have my camera with me!
So I miss a lot of good images to shoot.
But we forget that our memory is just as real.
It never forget those awesome images,
those meaningful moments,
and oh that unforgettable scene!
those lovely sounds, that flicker of a smile,
the wink of a stranger,
the touch that lingers as you leave . . .
the hurried kisses . . .
. . . and all those wonderful images
that I can never ever capture with my camera!
But memories does not only access the past.
Memory access the future also
where it allows us to create and recreate images . . .
and in doing so
we create our own exciting realities . . .
Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1


Luna Miranda said...

i know this flower as rosal, too.:p they smell good.

re my marigolds, found them beside a rice field in Negros.:p

Maia said...

"Our own realities" nicely said. Some say they are illusions but it doesn't matter as long as they make us happy.
You took some great shots of this little, white flower.

MaiaT said...

Yes, all these thing with the camera happen to me too, a lot.
Important is that when we do capture some flowers, they look so wonderful as your little white flower, here.
Nice close-up photos Lui.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Karin M. said...

Superb photos, very nice ..
Thank you for your visit on my blog ...
Love greetings, Karin

Ann said...

This is a gardenia. Good memories for me, flower of my child hood, Old Chinese ladies make perfumes from it.

Angelgirlpj said...

At first I thought it might be a Rose of Sharon but I'm really not sure. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Viola said...

No the names do not matter.. beacuase they are human made.. The names help us humans to put things in *place*, so we can get an overview.. the flowers as well any living crature shapes its own life.. is unique.. (and I know you know..- I just reflect for myselg- again to put things in *place* haha)

But these photos of the flowers regardless of the name are very beautiful Lui! =)

Your last sentences here I do believe.. with the conclusion: we create our own exciting realities.... :)

Lovely weekend to you and Sweepy! :)

CameraCruise said...

Beautiful post!
Love your photos and text!
Have a wonderful day.

Caletta said...

The bud is very tight and compact.
Lovely little bloom!

Kim, USA said...

I think this is Rosal and if only I can smell the sweet scent of this flower I will be in seventh heaven. Great shots even if you are in a hurry ^_^ Happy weekend and thanks for dropping by.


Lui said...

I googled all your suggestions and I think Ann got it right. It is called Gardenia and yes, it is also called Rosal! ;-)

Maria said...

Beautiful post and great photos of the Gardenia (I agree!) - you have created a very poetic and dreamlike atmosphere!

Modern Mom said...

I didn't know that Gardenia and Rosal is the same. Great info. Love your Rosal Lui.

Pink and White Euphorbia

Denise said...

Gorgeous! Sometimes it's good to have the memory when we don't have our camera to capture the moment. I have to remind myself of this when it happens to me.

vincibene said...

Wonderful pictures! And I think also it is a Gardenia jasminoides.

Pat said...

Such a beautiful flower! Your words are lovely and so true.

lisa said...

The name surely does not matter to me here, as this is just gorgeous!! What a delicate and beautiful little flower.