01 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

high angle
for this week's hunt i am featuring some of my ceramics collection.
on top of one of our center tables is a jon pettyjohn bowl.
it is called 'seconds' . . . no, that is not the title of the piece.
'seconds' are pots that the artist did not like and intends to throw!
but i love it! i begged jon for it! i love its perfect form.
some technicalities that make an artwork imperfect
creates imperfect 'tensions' that i looooove.
(note: pettyjohn is a noted potter in the philippines
and note also that i designed that rattan table years ago!)

low angle
the same pettyjohn bowl shot from the floor.
now you can see jon's signature under the bowl! ;-)

these are just seven of the many mini pots i have
done by pottery students in an art center i managed
whose works inspire me. (i practically gloat when i see them!)
i collected a lot and gave a lot of them too.
actually friends would beg me for some pieces
and i was not able to say no. sigh.

oh where thou will you drift off this week?

sun flare
i mounted one ceramic piece on top of our perimeter wall to shoot
(i was cramming for this hunt today! haha!)
and i was shooed off because the laundrywoman
was cramming with this week's washing load
and rushing to get that sunshine to dry her load.
note: we went back to the old-fashioned way of doing our laundry
which is by hand so out with the washing machine/dryer
(we also let go of other machines
that are insanely dependent on electricity)
and we dry everything under the sun!

It is the first day of April.
(March 31, 8 PM in other countries)
It is April fools day.
It is also Palm Sunday
and thousand of years ago
people foolishly insisted on a leader
who will bring them to their Promised Land.
But where and what is the promised land?
It is the spiritual destiny
that defines the path of people.

Surprisingly, those without religion
like animals, plants, nature and some people
(my parents worked with mountain people
without religion but have mountain-full of faith!)
do believe in the goodness of creation
and their belief in life governs their actions.

Have a meaningful Semana Santa (Holy Week) to all!
May your life be laden with boundless faith and love!


Ann said...

Artists are known for their quirkks, if they didn't like some piece, they rather destroy it.

Mandeville, I photographed a plant too, I have a feeling they, allamanda and them are related.The owner told me they called them red riding hood.

Life with Kaishon said...

I always enjoy looking at the pottery table when we go to the farmers market on Saturday mornings! Absolutely beautiful work.

Kim Cunningham said...

Lovely pottery. You have a nice collection.

Valeria said...

What a great collection.

Tamar SB said...

Love your high and low angle - very cool idea!

Brooke said...

Another great set Lui.
I loved seeing all the pottery.

Susan said...

I can see why you wanted that piece-and it adds to have it situated on a square table. I would love to be able to dry my clothes in the sun and fresh air. They end up frozen in the winter tho' and still wet.

Denise said...

I wish the same for you Lui, wishing you a very blessed Semana Santa. I enjoyed your collection of pottery and am glad you saved Seconds so that you could share with us.

Ashley Sisk said...

Such beautiful clouds - and artistry.

Pat said...

What a wonderful collection of [pottery that means so much to you.

lisa said...

What a fantastic sereis, Lui!
I love the point of view in each.

Viola said...

Oh.. you are a real artist Lui!! =) So many beautiful things you have made, not all need to be in symmetry.. the life itself is not in symmetri 100 %.. nor our face or body.. :)

An interesting post ans so much interesting subjects you write about! :)

Happy Easter to you and Sweepy! :)

Maia said...

Your dogs are so sweet. I like the paw macro.What a petty that we don't leave closer to each other,I would like one of these ceramics too.
Beautiful artwork!

lisa said...

Just stopping back to wish you and my favorite "Big Guy" a most beautiful Easter.