07 April 2012

Easter Hoyas!

The story of Easter is the story of God's wonderful window of divine surprises!
A story aged with time and interpreted in many versions
and spiritual truths . . .
Much like the prolific Hoya blooming relentlessly in our house Heaven
Easter is also a constant reminder of a wondrous tale
steeped in joy, sorrow, redemption
and undying love. . .
Like the blooming Hoya above 
that blooms from brown to green to yellow (inset)
my Easter story does not only fall on Semana Santa . . .
My Easter tale has transcended the confusion of religious fervor,
and past the staunch silly reminder of the chosen people . . .
because we are ALL chosen
and the promised land 
is always there
as promised!
. . . waiting for us in its splendor and glory
for our eternal life on earth
and beyond . . .
Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1
Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a week-long vacation in my country. After Palm Sunday (April 1) there are only three working days (Monday to Wednesday) before the official holiday which started from Maundy Thursday (April 5) until Monday (April 9, Day of Valor, another holiday!) Some people, in anticipation of this long holiday, would file their leave at work early (after Pal Sunday!) so they can book for long holiday trips with friends or family. It is a complete bedlam in airports and terminals. As for me, I have chosen to remain in my house Heaven, enjoying the silence and the relaxing murmurs of happy healing energies . . .
There is really no difference with our two Hoyas
except maybe the color, the way their petals grow
(the one above has spaces between petals)
Much like you and I!
Happy Easter to one and all!!!


Carletta said...

A wonderful series of shots but that second image keeps me going back to it.
A beautiful closeup!
Thank you for your inspiring words today.
Have a Blessed Easter!

The Chair Speaks said...

This is absolutely lovely.
Thanks very much for the get well wishes. Have a great weekend.

Pat said...

What lovely, unusual flowers!
Happy Easter to all who live in Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular blooms! The fragrance must be heavenly!

Luna Miranda said...

i haven't seen this flower in a long, long time. my teacher in grade school had this flower in her garden. it's beautiful--like holding stars in your hand.:p

Happy Easter, Lui.

Jama said...

They are so stunning!

Eden said...

Gorgeous blooms.

Happy Easter to you too.

Viola said...

Your manifistation is a glory Luci, both in words and photos!! A very beautiful hoya!
There is wisdom in your words, and I believe we are all chosen for the promised land.. :)

In my country we have holidays same as you, starting with Maundy Thursday and including the 2nd Easter Sunday (Monday).

Graceful Easter to you! :)

Maia said...

What a perfect ball shape these beautiful flowers develop. Lovely.
Happy Easter to you too!

Denise said...

Sweet and beautiful! Happy Easter Lui to you and Sweepy and all your Loved Ones.

lisa said...

Lui, these Hoyas are gorgeous!
I have a couple of Hoya plants, and although the flowers look the same as yours, there are always just 7 flowers in each group. Maybe there are different kinds of Hoyas (?).

Ann said...

I love Hoyas, I told you, did I, an old friend in Singapore is doing research non Hoyas.

Pat said...

Such a beautiful series of shots and commentary. I certainly agree with your statement about fragrance!
Guinatan sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

wow that is an amazing flower.