01 April 2012

Quarterly Top 5!

Er, Ashley said it could also mean fur babies,
er, she meant animals too.
I don't have kids but I have pets.
Whatever that means . . .

1. Sweepy
Since I always have Sweepy splattered in most of my posts (add the fact that he is a dog blogger way ahead of any of us!) this shot of his paws on March 18 post as my tribute on his 10th birthday is my favorite because I always love to snuggle and kiss it (dirty or not!) morning and night!

2. Sumo
Sumo is Sweepy's father. And this photograph was included in my tribute post for Sumo's 12th birthday last January 15. I always love this wild beastly wise look that masked the tender loving dog that Sumo was!

3. Sumo
Love this shot posted on my January 30 post (15 days after Sumo's 12th birthday) when Sumo suddenly lapsed from an active playful senior dog (84 in human age) to a dog exhibiting Alzheimers disease (disoriented, loss of appetite and sense of direction, etc.) . . . Looking back, as an alpha dog (leader of his pack) Sumo tried vainly to assume this leader stance even on his last days!

4. Sweepy & Sumo
Oh my. This quarterly reminiscing is simply too sweet and painful. This picture was included in my Memories, Dreams, Reflections 2011 post on January 1: my first post for 2012!

5. Petrocelli
We adopted this stray cat last year but this shot was posted last March 26 where I assured everybody that Petrocelli is back (Petrocelli bit Sumo last Christmas but no, Sumo did not die of rabies but of old age) . . .

Now after reviewing my quarterly posts this year and realizing how so much joy and pain could pass in three months I am off for some desserts (on holy week yet!) and some ME time (read: quiet time) to cry and laugh at all those special memories brought by an innocent meme that can only speak and show true love . . .


Sweepy said...

I'm on top 5.
And now Keeper is out bawling like mad! I wonder why my paws made her cry?

lisa said...

It really is amazing and sometimes scary at what can come to pass in such a short period of time. These are wonderful photograph Lui. I especially love the one of Sweepy and Sumo.

I wish you a beautiful week ahead dear Friend.


Ashley Sisk said...

Great choices - I especially love your first and last.

Megan said...

Love photo number 4. Such beautiful dogs!

Amber said...

The third photo is so adorable. It def. tells a story and shows their faces so well.

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Wonderful shots of your fur babies! Love the paw shot. I would kiss them too! Hope all is well - took a short break but am back again with the cat blog.

Anonymous said...

These are great. Love that first one and the last one is hilarious.

Amanda said...

Love your photos of your babies. They are all so beautiful. Its so hard to lose them...(((hugs))). LOVE the photo of Sweepys paw. :)

Gattina said...

Father and son look very much alike, at least the face expression, lol !
Arthur "roars" this way too !

Pat said...

I love the yawn!

Denise said...

Oh they are so adorable!!! Thank you for this sweet post Lui and Happy Easter! :)

Viola said...

In respect and love
this post
went right to my heart

We love you all! :)
Viola & Pusa :) ^^)

Psss! Sweepy!!?
Your paws seem all right to me! ^^)

Holly said...

I love the pictures of your fur babies...especially the big paw!