14 April 2012

Not Exactly A Pink Week!

 My sister Luchie (the Gardener in Heaven) has allowed our Mandevilla to grow taller than it should.  You can almost see the running electrical wires from the electric posts barring its path!
But Luchie is not the only one running wild this week. Well, you all know about the rocket that was launched last Thursday from another country and was estimated to hit my small island! And also of how a group of 8 boats from another country trespassed our small Philippine seas and when our coast guards checked, the intruding boats yielded giant clams, corals and live whales! These poachers are stealing and destroying our marine life yet these intruders had the gall to warn us that we underestimated their strength!
Of course, my country is just a small island.
We have no sophisticated machinery.
No rockets, no bombs, no warfare concepts!
We need not be reminded and cowed into securing our sovereignty
since our land does not only belong to us
but is also the world's natural treasure!
We are, after all, keepers of our planet,
we have to take care of the riches in our land and in our waters
because everything belongs to ALL of us!
But we can not steal and sell and bully people
and expect to get away with it!
But what little hold we have of what we are tasked to protect comes a BIGGER strength that the people in my small island turn to for any of our big and small woes . . .
Yesterday the rocket fell back to its country of origin.
The day before, they canceled its scheduled flight!
And the next day, it blasted into pieces and failed!
But nothing is wrong with it.
Its just that there is a more powerful FORCE
that listened to the prayers
of the faithful multitudes in my small island.
And that is the biggest power of all.
It is the power of faith.
And in my people's lack of might and power
comes the power to kneel
and trust in the Higher Source.
To laugh at ourselves,
to sing wonderfully to the world,
to speak any language
and embrace other cultures
and understand . . .

Yes, I live in Faith island.
And in the deep recesses of my trusting heart
I knew the intruders and poachers
will get their due reminder
and my people will get full redemption!
Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1

Two years ago from today, my dog Sweepy's brother Bogart died. 
How time flies and I realized that even the sad reminiscing
has now allowed me to embrace the joy in the passing of time
and the richness that some creatures has brought to my life . . .
I miss you, big B, and I hope your Popsy and Mumsy
is keeping you good company . . .


Maia said...

What a beautiful post Lui.
Indeed, you are living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
What a pity that these poachers can't appreciate its value.

Your tall mandevilla vines are wonderful. nice pictures too.

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. With or without the meme I'll still come over to see your flowers and your sweet dogs.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Jeanne said...

Keepers of the planet...I like that. It has been an unsettling week for you. Peace. And Pink. Happy Pink Saturday!

Jaime Clark said...

Such a delicate beauty, which you captured so well in the sunlight.

Modern Mom said...

Beautiful shots Lui.


Anonymous said...

I'm going around visiting everyone on today's PINK SATURDAY list.....with my hot cup of coffee, of course! Just wanted to let you know that I was here! Have yourself a great weekend, and stop by my place if you've the time!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

Gattina said...

What a beautiful flower !

Kim, USA said...

Hi Lui, your photos are excellent. Like it!

Yellow Tulip

Viola said...

Now I got sad.. so sad.. by reading what you wrote here.. I didn't know.. but that can be I haven't listened much to the news lately..

It's very sad, but the faith of your people and the help from a higher source is good to know was and is there! :)

Beautiful beautiful flowers in memory of Bogart! Peace be with him! :)

Hugs from Viola! :)
and Pusa ^^)

Laura said...

Magnificent Lui!

Pat said...

The mandevilla is beautiful!
Your post certainly inspires a lot of thought about all the things going on in the world that we seem to have no power to control. The people of your country have shown the rest of us the power of faith.

lina@women said...

Lovely post. Enjoying your shots, Lui.