17 March 2013

The Guava Tree

This is the flower of the guava tree in my neighborhood.

The guava fruits are my favorite since I was a kid
and they proliferate everywhere in my country
except in my house called Heaven.

I kept telling my oldest sister Luchie that we should have a guava tree
so we can harvest fresh vitamin C regularly.
Guavas are the best source of vitamin C better than calamansi!

But in our neighborhood
I have to compete with kids
who always get the fruits first!
And there are hardly any store nearby that sell the fruit ;-(

I get obsessed with the fruit 
that I hardly noticed the gorgeous flowers!
They seem to dot the guava plant all over.

And since the flowers are small
I can hardly take a better shot of it
since my small point and shoot digital cam
can only do so much
and I have to be on the lookout
for robbers on motorcycles
who snatch gadgets from careless people
who are busy shooting what delights them ;-)

The guava is a memory from childhood
that still grips into my present world.
That wonderful smell that brings happy days
when I would climb the tree (and I promise I would not)
and feeling healthy gorging on guava and atis and balimbing
with my schoolmate Jacob who lives down St. Paul road.
I wonder where she is now?

And I smile in remembrance
at the memory that usher other happy memories
as I smile at the present one
watching and smelling the ripe guavas
in a property where my friend hopes to use for her studio.

If this plan pushes through I would feel lucky.
After all, I am helping my friend manage her art studio ;-)

For Denise and TodaysFlowers.
Happy St. Patrick to our friends abroad.
We do not celebrate that in my country ;-)


Lisa Gordon said...

I never realized they had such wonderful flowers, Lui.
Just beautiful!!

Carver said...

Beautiful shots of the guava tree and its flowers.

Bi Ti said...

I love guava and never knew they have such beautiful flowers either. Thank you for sharing.

Our weekly party is at:

Please come and join us if you have time. Have a great week! :)

DeniseinVA said...

Fantastic photos Lui, and thank you for your kind words on my flower post. You are a wonderful friend :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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