17 March 2013

Sweepy Turns 11!

Yup, my superdog Sweepy is turning 11 tomorrow, March 18.
But since I will be out and busy at work
we decided to have his party today ;-)

. . . well, it looked OK the last time I looked
when we sang "hapibday2u"
and he was grinning like crazy ;-)

Oh I love Sweepy!
An old picture taken with from left:
Pica and Sumo behind her (Sweepy's parents)
that's me in the center, Sweepy as a pup (notice the dark snout),
and Sweepy's brother Bogart on the right.
Our maid Myrna took this shot in 2002
(when Sweepy was less than a year old)
and I called this family of dogs "my hounds"
in our house I called "heaven" ;-)

I watched how this pup bade goodbye to his family
and watched how his handsome face went sad.
Pica left in 2008, Bogart in 2010 and Sumo in 2012.
My dogs die of old age.
Pica was 17, Bogart was 9 and Sumo was 12.
He carried his sadness in his eyes . . .

I love how he waits for me
. . . sitting by the old rocking chair
and sniffing everyone passing by . . .

Or how he looks at me . . .
. . . when I am home and doing something else
instead of sitting beside him
and stroking his fur!

But today I am all his.
I cleaned his fur and his house and his pillows
and that lovely adopted pup Babur beside him!

After all it is not always that one celebrates being 11 in doggy years
and still look cute and young and happy and healthy.
(PSssst, Sweepy is 77 in human years)

Happy Bday, my Sweepy.
May your drooly days be spent
in cooler places when I'm out
and may you always remain jolly
and funny and quirky
and everything super
that a dog can be!

Read his own drooly in his BLOG.


Lisa Gordon said...

A very Happy Birthday to "my" big handsome boy!!!!
I hope your day was happy from beginning to end, and I wish you many,many more happy birthdays.

Sending you big hugs and kisses!

Tina´s PicStory said...

sweet pics! :)

cats of wildcat woods said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful dog. Loved the pics of your family who are all I am sure watching over you today and everyday.

DeniseinVA said...

How wonderful and a happy birthday Sweepy. I loved all these photos, so sweet. Thank you also for stopping by and wishing Gregg a happy birthday and he will be happy he shares a birthday with such a sweet little doggy friend after I tell him.

Connie Smiley said...

Lui, please wish Sweepy a belated happy birthday from Barley and me. I love those sweet pictures of him, especially how he watches for you from the rocking chair. Priceless!

The Chair Speaks said...

Happy belated birthday SuperDog Sweepy. We wish you many, many happy healthy birthdays to come. Purrs from all of us.

Maia said...

Happy belated birthday Sweepy!
Many happy returns of the day.
These are lovely family photos Lui.

HAPPY EASTER to all of you!
I miss you too.

Viola said...

Oh! how could I miss this! but I have been away from blogging, it might be the reason why..
Such wonderful lovely photos of you and sweepy and the Hounds family! and yes, I can see and understand Sweepy was sad when they left one by one.. but sure she looks healthy and young, and I'm happy with that! :)
Babur is also lovely, as Sweepy!

What a wonderful birthday cake!! =)

Pat said...

I send you belated best birthday wishes, Sweepy!