26 May 2013

Hounds in Heaven

Well, look at that.
No one would know just by looking at them
who is older or younger 
or if they are related to each other
but they are the two major 'hounds'
in our house called Heaven now.
The rest have moved on and retired . . . 

The one on the left is Babur.
He is only 9 months old.
And the one on the right is my superdog Sweepy
who is now 11 years old.
Suffice it to say,
the superdog is getting on. . . 

They are not related to each other 
although they have the same brown color of furs.
But who knows age and time and familial bond
when one lives together 
in harmony and boredom.
One simply bond and learn to live with the other.

I often tell Sweepy to look out for Babur
because Babur gets too frisky
eating stones and falling avocados . . .
things that are dangerous for him
or when Babur runs at high speed
and bumps himself all over!
One can not restrain the youthful energy . . .

But on unguarded moments,
the one being guarded is also the guard.
Lately, Babur calls my attention to Sweepy.
And on my free days I observe the senior superdog
and I see the tell tale signs of ageing:
The blurry eyes, the long naps,
and his constant need to sense the people around him.

My hounds are bonding together.
Like a real family, they look out for each other
and they created a need to protect each other
and find their connection.

I wonder how many of us do the same?


Viola said...

Lovely photos and story! :)
It's nice the two dogs take care of each other. Yes, how many of us do the same.. :)

Have a lovely rest of May! ....soon June to come.. :O :))

Pat said...

They are beautiful together. Babur is learning from the master!

Connie Smiley said...

How sweet, Lui! Please give them both a pat from me, and tail wags from Barley.