21 January 2014

Journey to the Unknown

The unknown is not always a scary place. 
You take small measured steps 
and close your eyes in excitement and fear.
And when you crossed the unknown
you discover yourself. . .

Your memory is not always reliable
so you work with the pulse and scent
of the present and the clues of the past
and discover yourself . . .
Who would think I would forget this lovely place 
that held such wonderful memories?
Trick, the scallops gave it away!
Either my metabolism or my memory is shot
but to capture the essence is such wild fun!

The pathways ahead is not always linear
nor the clues clearer or brighter
but when one sees with a trusting heart
the pathways unfold its blinding truth . . .

And in that curvy winding path
are familiar faces and regular challenges . . .
There are no accidents
and simple formulas
to hard work,
to acknowledging skills
as well as sharing and honing them
with others.

And connecting with all of creation.

Including a cat . . .
Are you visiting?
Are you staying?
Are you mine?


The answer is that one needs to unwind.
To be able to give, one must take stock of things,
to be able to share only the best. . .
This scene was a break in an all-day meeting 
held out-of-town last week.
Everybody hied to the restroom 
before we drove to another restaurant
to continue our meeting over lunch.

The journey is meeting a lot of unknowns.
To know and be known.
To own and be owned.
To love and be loved.

I went through the spectrum of it all.
And I am glad to have taken the journey.
And I am super glad to have made it home as well.
I am sure your journey is just as enlightening . . .


Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

So glad you took the journey to get away and meet up with friends. It is nice to go but always better to come home! Hope things are going well for you. We have had bitter cold this winter but with a day or two of mild temps like yesterday. It helps to get me thru the cold months!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

DeniseinVA said...

Always a new adventure in every journey and it looks like yours was a lovely one. Wishing you a great week my friend.

Lisa Gordon said...

Lui, this is so beautifully written, and I am so glad that you took this journey, my dear friend.

Please give lots of hugs and kisses to "my" Big Guy."


january said...

lui, that black & white floor tiles it's antonio's! i know you had a good time...pls send my warm hugs to the super dog S!

Lui said...

January, I am using images from a strat meeting. That is not really the journey but its a metaphor.

The journey is within and I had taken several journeys lately together with some friends.

As for Antonio's, yes I've been there several times and it has always been memorable. . .

Gattina said...

It's always nice to meet good friend and change a bit the daily routine !