06 February 2014

I Have Drooly Updates Too You Know . . .

I was offline for a week. I accidentally disabled my wireless connection. Arrgh. My techie kid friend was on camp so no geek. For someone who does not do regular work this is crucial since most of my communications (read: work) are done online. Sigh.

did I miss being online?
Not really.
Did it put anything/anybody in danger?
Definitely not.

Sweepy, my worrisome superdog, looked harassed because he has an online community and his furry and human friends worry when they do not see him regularly. So I tell him, "its OK to be offline at times and be in line with yer human" . . . 

This is our neighbor's mango tree:
It is brimming with "indian mangoes" . . . these are the kind of mangoes that are small and has green skin and  taste super yummy!
Of course, the neighbor sent some to us and we ate it with gusto. Since I try to eat fruits and veggies daily (I said "try") I figured that having this mango regularly will provide me with good nutrients. They said the food growing in your backyard is the best food for you!

And sunbathing is the best free vitamin D ever:
I try to have mine before 8 AM. People, whose thyroids were removed, needs calcium supplements. I take 4 capsules of calcium carbonate total of 2,000 mg daily. . . Sweepy sunbathes at high noon. I warn him if he gets toasted under the heat but you know how senior dogs can be grumpy ;-)

I played and done some feng shui reading too.
I do free readings upon request.
Get a compass and make sure that when you work and sleep you are facing the  positive directions: south, southwest, west, north. Spring cleaning probably got its name from this because the Chinese new year demands removing the old, the stale, the junk, and I am not talking of my old dog ;-) because this old mutt is one of my bestest friends.

Of course I did a lot of work too. My metabolism and memory may be shot but I am not in pain so yes, I can do work, thank God! And I am lucky to have work that I can do part-time, be creative and have creative time with kids and people, use my skills and abilities to contribute to society and be meaningful. In the picture above is Stella, my 5 year old student in painting workshop, whose works I featured in my studio blog.

As for my health update: I am now 133 lbs (quite a leap from my usual 115 lbs.) I think I switched weight with my older sister Luchie (on the left in the picture above with me).  My nuclear medicine doctor was expecting to give me the second episode of RAI (radio active iodine therapy) this January but my TSH was down to 0.04 from 96.20 after surgery and so is my thyroglobulin: 0.6 down from 250 before RAI last September. This means I need not take RAI for now and my medications has been lowered. Yey! My next check up is in May! More prayers please ;-)

The secret is to let go and flow with the universe.
When I feel sleepy, I nap.
When I am hungry, I drink lots of water.
When I encounter irritating people and circumstances
I let it out with friends and Sweepy
(Luchie always side with me haha!)
and just pray that time will right everything.
It usually does.

It is my birthday month.
I wrote all of your names on a paper
and made happy wishes for all of you.
On my bday (February 28)
I will light a candle in church
and include all of you in my prayers . . .

Happy horse year, everybody!
Pssst, it is also year 7 which is a great contrast.
Year 7 is quiet and solitary while horse year is galloping noisy.
Have a heart for changes
cause there are more of it this year.


DeniseinVA said...

Great to hear from you Lui, glad to hear you are back on the internet. I enjoyed your post and loved all your photos. And you always have my prayers. Happy Birthday month my dear friend.

Gattina said...

A day without internet cuts me off the world ! I suffer ! I have a special lamp to produce vitamin D because we don't have enough sunshine ! You look really good ! Happy New Year and that the year of the horse is a good one for you

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Glad you are doing well after your hospital stay. Loved the shot of Sweepy in the sun! Will be thinking of you this month and sending lots of healing love and light. It is my husband's birthday month too - Feb 14 which is also my Anniversary! A great month to celebrate. Happy Birthday!!!

Cats of wildcat woods

Lisa Gordon said...

I am so glad that you are doing well, Lui. I must say that I was a little concerned because I'd not seen you or Sweepy pop up in my reader for a while, and I was actually going to send a note off to you, just to say hello.

I think you look wonderful, and you surely sound wonderful! All of this is really good news.

A very Happy Birthday month to you, my sweet friend. xo.

january said...

lui, getting some extra pound is fine hehehe don't worry about it much, the super dog loves you just the same :) i'm glad to hear that you're doing well and that healing is on your way. you have always been a strong person and i admire you for that. we're sending more prayers for your forthcoming birthday!

-january, leoncio, bei and lucky boi

Laura said...

Happy birthday month my dear!


The Chair Speaks said...

We're so glad you are doing well. Purrs and hugs from all of us!

Connie Smiley said...

Lui, so glad to hear that your last report was good. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

That looks like a very happy little girl you're helping out. I would have guessed you'd find the silver lining for being off line.

Barley wanted Sweepy to know he's never been on line, but he's still a Sweepy fan.