28 February 2014

I. Am. Here.

I brought home my birthday cake last night
and when I opened it this morning
somebody took a slice already ;-)
As you can see I also took a slice of my "i".
Sweepy can not have one because . . .
(too sweet, mostly chocolates, he will get hyper, etc.)
Since I have to work on my bday I ordered delivery .
The next day I found one more chicken in the bucket
and there you can see Sweepy and I
sharing one cholesterol laden fried chicken
while having my sunbath.

I'm not really into fastfood meals
but when one is in a hurry
and you wanted to feed a multitude
and you want it affordable
just dial for delivery.
Jollibee (a local burger store) 
has delivered to me anywhere I am:
on workshop sites including a prison compound,
in art spaces, in the hospital, in the studio
and they never failed.
Of course, I have other delivery services
but Jollibee delivers fast, hot meals for less.
I should be an endorser ;-)

Of course I am with Sweepy:
I heard he was looking for me.
After sharing a fried chicken (his second meal for the day)
we snuggled in his house while I hum a lullaby.

Sweepy will be turning 12 on March 18.
His senses are not as sharp
and when I hear him looking for me
he does a long quiet whine/cry
I call out to assure him.

Watch how he bypassed me ;-)
He did not notice me nearby!

And when I call out to him
he heaves a sigh of relief
and try to sniff my scent
(the sense of smell is the last to go)
. . . and his world is alright.
So when I go out I leave a piece of me for him to sense.
An old used shirt works fine.

I am quite content in the present . . .
I am not normal
although I feel and live a happy normal life.
I don't look my age.
I don't look my weight.
I do not have normal work hours
although I work and produce excellent work ;-)
And I definitely don't look like one who just had cancer.
I am beating the stereotype including sickness.
And I am living that reality.

On my birthday week
I get treated by different friends.
It is such a wonderful time to play catch up.
My friends thought that maybe I am dying soon
and wanted to spend time with me.
The truth is one does not really know 
the time of death.
Somebody died of dengue recently
after surviving a stage 4 cancer!
A healthy vegetarian friend died of cancer too!
I can probably die of laughing ironically
at the mediocrity of things ;-)

But death is not a miserable end.
Death is simply the moving out of one's body
to move on with life outside the physical world.
And I am not dying soon
because I just beat the 2nd cycle of RAI
because my lab results show I'm OK.
And until now I have not felt any cancer pains.
My surgeon must have removed all of it.
And then again, all your prayers must have done it too.
I always believe in this miracle.

And now an update
on our dog friends across our house Heaven:
This is the scene during the 10-day burial of the keeper of our dog friends Dawgy, Whitey and Brownie. Luchie and I would take turns feeding the dogs outside the gate. There is a custom against sweeping the floors during a wake so we were quite careful not to mess up the place. . .  Also, Brownie now walks with a limp. Apparently, in one of his escapades outside the house he got hit be a passing vehicle. I called Sweepy's vet and we gave him antibiotics, painkillers and vitamins. I wish I can afford to have him xrayed for fractures but Brownie seem to be doing fine. Thank God! . . . Remember when I mentioned in my previous post about tomorrow giving us the answer to our predicament about these dogs fate now that their keeper is dead? Well, the next day after my post the relatives of their keeper said that they will occupy the house but later changed their mind. Then this week, they put up a "for rent" sign on the gate. So each time I encounter possible rentees I always beg them to please adopt the dogs and we will feed them. So far the ones I talked to seemed OK with it. 

Again, I leave it all in God's hand.
This is another miracle I believe will happen.


DeniseinVA said...

It is so good to read this update on you my friend. Lots of things going on In Heaven. You have become very dear to us out here and you are always in many thoughts including mine. I hope the new renters will take those little dogs.

DeniseinVA said...

Leaving hugs for all of you :)

The Artful Diva said...

they took a very BIG bite! Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you.

Lisa Gordon said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing and feeling well, Lui.

I wish you the very happiest of birthdays, and I am glad that "my big handsome fella" got to have a bit of birthday dinner with you.

Your cake looks so yummy, and chocolate is my favorite.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend. xoxoxoxo

Sweepy said...

My senses are not sharp?
I drooly follow you around and taught you FB and this is what I woofy get!

If it isn't your bday I would ignore you all week!

january said...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away. a candle a day creates a large fire on your cake :D

happy belated birthday lui! another healthy year ahead!

kissed by an angel said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lui!!! It's so wonderful to read you feel fine!!!
Enjoy a really good time with your lovely, healing dogs :)
P.S.: We share the same sign of the zodiac :)

Photo Cache said...

Hi Lui so glad to hear that you're doing good after "storm". Keep it up.

Sad part about dying is that the pets's fate are uncertain. I saw a sign on a storefront one day with a picture of 2 cute cats asking people to adopt them since their owner had passed on. It's tough on the pets as well.

Keep in touch. This is going to be a wonderful year.

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Lui. Sounds like you will be around for a long time to come.