16 March 2014

Heaven's Update

Okay, we have a newbie in Heaven.

Yes it's Brownie.
We finally decided to adopt him.
Oh, I know we can not afford to get another dog.
But his fate is bleak . . .
Since their owner died last month
we have been looking for someone to adopt them.
And since the family of my dead neighbor decided to rent the house
the new tenants can only adopt Whitey 
because they have 3 dogs already!
Dawgy will be adopted by their friend as a guard dog.
But nobody wants to adopt Brownie!
Look at the improved weight of Dawgy and Whitey
since we have been feeding them regularly.
I hope they will be OK with their new owners.

So now we welcome Hughes
that is Brownie's new name ;-)
Welcome to Heaven, Hughes!
 We have to keep him in the extra kennel
until we can get Sweepy's vet to give him shots.
Until then, I have to give him a bath,
and make him get used to his new home.

Sweepy keeps watch.
Oh I know in due time
they will be playing together.
For now they have to take turns
in and out of their kennels . . .

Petrocelli, our adopted cat on the roof, does not seem happy.
We have somewhat adopted Petrocelli's girlfriend, Petra.
Petra is the black thing beside Petrocelli.
They both get fed every day too.
The animals now outnumber the humans in Heaven! 

And to make our weekend more intense
a fire broke out in the slum community
that occupied the whole stretch of the old railroad tracks.
We called the fire department, the village security, the police, 117 . . .
I had to pack my important stuff:
documents, files, computers, folio, etc.
and asked our new neighbor who I befriended
if I can leave some of our stuff with them for safekeeping
because the fire seem out of control!
This is the view from our house.
It looks dangerously close.
I kept both Sweepy and Hughes in their kennels
as we transport some of our items to the neighbor's house across.
I already unloaded some of my things in my closets 
into baskets and blankets ready to go.
The fire lasted two hours
and burned a huge portion of the poor dwellers.
We had to help relocate them to the village compound
for temporary shelter and for assistance.
Our former maid, Myrna, and my beautician, Ching,
both lost their homes in the fire.
We donated clothes, blankets, shoes, food.
As for us, we had to unpack our stuff
and donate most of them to those in need.
There is too much in our lives that can be shared.

It was an intense Sunday.
But I uttered a prayer of thanksgiving.
For the safety of my community.
For our new dog.
For a good future for those who lost their homes.
And for the miracle that 
continue to shower us
in our daily lives . . .


Lisa Gordon said...

Oh my goodness, Lui, and I am so glad that all of you are safe, but I am so sad for those who lost their homes.

Welcome to Heaven, Hughes!!!! Lui, how kind you are to give him a forever home, and I'll bet my Big Handsome Fella is happy to have an new friend.

Bless your heart, my friend. xo.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Lui, How awful and I hope no one was physically hurt by that awful fire. Welcome to Heaven Hughes, I know you will receive lots of love in Keeper's care.

Laura said...

You are so kind!

Keep in touch on BLOGLOVIN


Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

I am so glad that you are safe from the fire - they can move so quickly. I am sorry for your neighbors that lost their homes. You are kind to give them donations. And finally welcome to Hughes! Our animals well outnumber the humans in this house too.


january said...

lui, happy to know heaven is safe and praise you for your bigheartedness of extending home to another furry friend.

happy birthday to the superdog! :)

Viola said...

Oh my! Such a tragedy! And such scary closed to your Heaven:/ I'm glad you saved you home and lives! But sorry for those who lost their home.