04 May 2014

It is May and Kizu is home!

Meet Kizu.
We got him May 2.
Kizu is one of the 4 pups of Hughes and Whitey.
We thought the neighbor is adopting Whitey and the pups
but last Friday the neighbor was at our gate
holding the small palm-sized pup
practically begging us to adopt him . . .

Oh how can we refuse?
I looked at him in Luchie's hands
and with our eyes closed
we immediately decided he is ours.
I can hear U2's Beautiful Day in the background . . .

I wish Kizu was given more time with Whitey
for milk and bonding
but the neighbor is giving up the puppies . . .
I feared for the puppies bleak future
but all we can get is Kizu . . .

We can not afford another dog
but we can not afford to think
we simply gave in . . .

"what you don't have
you don't need it now
what you don't know
you can feel it somehow . . ."
- U2

My senior superdog Sweepy
and our recently adopted Hughes
welcomed the small Kizu with alarm . . .

But that is always the case
when you introduced dogs to each other.
You give them time to sniff each other . . .
. . . and they will eventually include and adopt
the newcomer to the pack.
My hounds is back to a pack!

"touch me . . .
take me to that other place.
teach me
i know i'm not a hopeless case . . ."

Kizu looks frail and tiny
but that tiny white thing can eat a lot
jump a lot, kiss a lot, grip hard and
run like a small car with batteries!

Kizu found his home
and he adjusted easily . . .
. . . he calls for me
stands outside my bedroom windows
and I get up from bed at dawn
to cuddle him
to sing him lullabies
to give him milk
and wait for him to sleep
loving my scent and hugs my feet
knowing he is with his Keeper. . . . 

". . . it's a beautiful day
sky falls, you feel like its a beautiful day
don't let it get away . . ."
- U2


Lisa Gordon said...

Oh my goodness, Lui, what a precious little one, and bless your heart for giving him a wonderful home. My sweet boy is a big brother!!!!

It is indeed a beautiful day. xo.

Viola said...

A new baby dog, oh how wonderful! :) I'm glad he or is it a she?? came to YOUR home, I'm sure you all will have a lovely and peaceful and noisy funny time..! ;)
Give the little one a huge hug from me! :) and I'm sure pusa would have loved to play with him/her :)
Hugs to all of you! :)
from me and Pusa! :) "")/

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Thank you for taking Kizu - he has a wonderful home with you. Things will work out - they always do.

Cats of wildcat woods

january said...

lui, i pray that you'll be blessed more. you have a very kind heart and a loving home. sending more hugs to everyone in heaven!