12 June 2014

Heaven Is On A Pause . . .

My superdog is sick.

Sweepy has been coughing for days now 
and the vet prescribed Bisolvon.
On the third day, the cough persisted
so the vet prescribed Vitamin C and antibiotics.
My cousins abroad advised me against antibiotics
so we decided to follow their advise:
let the cough die naturally, plenty of water,
lots of rest, healthy foods and loving care.

Sweepy's appetite is normal.
But because he is now senior,
Sweepy has to be reminded his water breaks.
Luchie administers his meds because I can't :-(
We observe his poop too to check for parasites.
Sorry to offend some of you for this
but dog owners might appreciate this fact
that we have to check the poop and pee of our pets
for indication (poop have white spots on it!). . .
Sweepy's is normal. Thank God!
The pup Kizu stays close to Sweepy.
And so is Kizu's father, Hughes:
Animals can sense when something is wrong 
and they tend to stay near . . .

Petrocelli and Petra does not care.
They are more concerned with mealtime
and how to escape the hot 36 degrees weather
and sudden rains that does not cool the place!

As the Keeper
I tell everybody to stay cool and relaxed . . .
Kizu, being the youngest, knows how to relax all the time!
Even when Hughes gets agitated, Kizu relaxes beside him . . .

I am in transition too.
There is a need to move on to other projects
yet there is a need to stay a bit and help out.
But there is a bigger, better world
of productive and progressive creatives
and rewarding output
and have a happy productive team . . .

Somebody posted on FB about minimalists
and the need to have less.
And I agree that being a minimalist is having more.
More time for one self. More time for family and loved ones.
More time to choose comfort over extravagance.
And the need to have more space but having less.
And abundance and joy in living for less
when one's heart is full and bursting
ready to share. . .

Happy and healthy week to everybody!


Lisa Gordon said...

Your last words here are so true, Lui.

I hope that my Handsome Boy is better soon. It sounds like it is awfully hot there, and given that he is older, it just may be bothering him. He surely does not looks sick. He looks like his usual wonderful self.

I wish you a fantastic weekend, my friend. xo.

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Oh dear - I will be praying for Sweepy to get well and for you to find a path to follow. Sending you both love and light! I am on Facebook too - as Cheri Lincoln - look me up or the cats have their own page - Cats of wildcat woods

Viola said...

Dear Lui, I hope Sweepy will recover and soooon! I wish the best for dear Sweepy and for all of you! :) It's so cosy to see you keep ♡ together.
I love each photo here, and yes, I agree with you! The more we seek for material things and bigger houses and all those things, the poorer and harder we become.
Peace, light and love sending you all!
Viola :) and pusa '')____

january said...

lui, how's the superdog now? i hope everyone in heaven is bouncy and sound :)