09 July 2014

Too Long To Blog . . .

. . . and I am indeed forgetful!
But now I am back.
My student reminded me :-)
She told me that I help update their blogs
"but T.Lui is not updating her blog!"

Ok, my fault.
Lately I choose my battles :-)
I try to finish all pending work
and my blog is not on the list :-(

I am OK.
. . . well, if you ask my dogs
who sniff my toes to gauge my wellness
I do not smell OK to them.
They sort of give me That Look:

You know The Look.
The look that tells you 
that animals know more than you.
I mean these creatures can sense calamities
like storms and earthquakes
and they can sense your condition
just by sniffing. . .

Hey, Kizu, I am OK.
Don't give me that Look!

And now Hughes is giving me The Look.
When two dogs are giving you the same look
you better heed it or go crazy.

But don't worry, my friends, I am really OK.
By that I meant I go to work three times a week.
I take my medications (levothyroxine and calcium carbonate)
regularly and as directed.
I feel normal and pain-free.
And on days when I feel different
( like sluggish or having shortness of breath)
I take a nap.
I take lots of water.
Lately I am taking tap water with rock salts.
I was told that bottled water strip us of minerals
that help fight diseases.

Also, I take measured steps and plan my itinerary.
I splurged on cabs/taxi services.
I now lug a bag that carry my fan, water, towels
even on short trips to the grocery or church.
I wear shorts because we have very hot weather.
When I feel tired I tell kind strangers to alert them
where to bring me in case I passed out.
I know I sound dangerous but really
these are the extreme cases.

On most days, I go out
walk a lot, work like crazy
(the good thing is I love and enjoy my work)
and I am lucky to be able to have the kind of lifestyle
that I do not have to slave 5 days a week
working my butt off. . . .

My hounds are OK.
Hughes is slowly shedding his paranoia :-)
He has grown handsome and playful
and loves going around our place Heaven
feeling like a Master when the Superdog is sleeping.
Hughes is very protective of us.
I always smile when I find him looking out the gate
and barking at the stray dogs in the streets
and knowing the sad fate if we did not adopt him . . .

Kizu, Hughes puppy, is a small blast of action.
When we adopted this small fragile puppy a month ago
he was as small as my slippers.
But don't get fooled by that cute small thing
because once freed Kizu runs crazily all over Heaven
and destroyed everything on his path!
I lost that yellow slippers
and Luchie lost half of her potted plants.
We always call his attention to these but then
how can anybody get angry with that cute thing?
I mean really :-)

Kizu and Hughes finally had their first shots this week.
It took us a month to deworm them 
before starting these series of shots
for parvo, distemper, leptospirosis, anti-rabies etc.
We can not afford this but we did.

Sweepy, on the other hand,
seem to be battling his allergies.
We found out that he coughs when there are wild grasses.
Luchie regularly check the garden to remove them.
Sometimes, Sweepy coughs when Kizu and Hughes
would run and smoother him with kisses!
Good thing Sweepy has good appetite
and I always find the time to give him water breaks,
massages, hugs, and simply spending time with him.
His eyesight is fading and he loves to give me That Look too.

Right now we have some friends who are also old
and sick and dying and sad
and we pray for them together.
Time is indeed worth it 
when one bonds with all of God's creation
and sync your energies. . .

On social networks, I discovered 
how some people are concern about the inconsequential things
that really do not add up in the end.

I write my stories spontaneously and I don't care for errors
in words, syntax, grammar . . .
but I am more concerned if I hurt anybody with my stories
and for that I apologize.
I break the fear about exposing our private lives
by sharing mine as honestly and as simply as I could.
I originally meant this blog for my own reading
not knowing I have touched other people's lives
and whose stories have touched mine as well.

I am indulging myself and you by writing a longer
less harried but more meaningful sharing
of lives (mine and yours)
on a space we call our own.

My cat friends, Petra and Petrocelli say it best:
It does not matter that we do not own each other
or that we do not really know each other
and felt each other's hugs and happy tears
but in some freaky encounters
we know each other's stories
and we understood each other's need
as we tried our best to respond to those needs
and go our merry ways
knowing we will always be there
for each other.

I will never own Petrocelli.
He is free to stray anywhere.
Yet, at the end of each day,
he is a constant in my world
as I am a constant in his need.

Thank you for adding me to yours . . .
Happy Birthday Denise, Gattina, Bea and Boi.
And for EJ, do hang on.
We will always be here for you . . .


Lisa Gordon said...

What a heartfelt post this is, Lui, and I am so glad that you are doing ok. I cannot believe how much Kizu has grown! He looks like such a happy little one too. You be very sure to take good care of you, especially in the heat.

Sending you hugs, my friend. xo.

P.S. And lots of extra ones to share with my favorite big boy. :-)

january said...

wonderfully written lui, every post is worth reading and teary one for my part...

pls take extra loads of care, i'm with you on splurging on taxi services i'm guilty as well but what the heck it's one of the luxuries i consider after a serious day work.

remember that only our body age but not our spirit. sending big hugs and kisses to heaven, may your weekend all be fun!

january said...

p.s. and thank you for the greetings -bea and boi :)

Viola said...