27 June 2015

Before June Ends . . .

Yes I still live in Heaven.

Two weeks ago a psychic gave me an important date.
It was the exact date and time of a coming earthquake.
We were already warned by PHILVOLCS
(Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology)
that we are due to have a major earthquake.
Anytime. Soon. But no exact dates.

That vague and frightening word for a lot of people has only created panic and uncertainty. Suddenly, people were checking the faulty lines on maps, checking possible trajectories of tsunamis, etc. that are the effects of a major earthquake. And suddenly, people started fearing for their lives, and questioning their fate.

So I have the date.
And I started my countdown.
But it is not a countdown to death.
Rather, it is a countdown to life.
Of relishing the now
and the maybes
the what ifs
and the 'now what'
and pondering about the fleetingness of time
and fragileness of lives.

My sisters were frantic.
They are making lists of things to buy/store, items to pack and unload on walls, of pending work that might get delayed, of safety, of security, of spirituality. 

I was told my area is dangerous.
I live near Manila and Luzon is in danger.
But I told my sisters that we will stay.
We will face the danger and risks
the way I faced my surgery
and all the frightening episodes.
We will face it with unblinding faith.
My being here is a testament to it.
I survived the worst.
I will survive this again
and I will live to share my story again . . .

And I say this because I am not afraid of death.
I am not afraid of the physical end
because I know that life is eternal
and I am excited to experience
life outside of the material world.

If somebody will give you the exact time and day of your death
what will you do?


Lisa Gordon said...

Truly, you are such a wonderful spirit, sweet friend. xo.

Lui said...

Thank you, Lisa. You are always sweet! 😊