03 May 2015

Lui is still in Heaven . . .

I know it felt like ages.
And I know how I miss coming home here.
But when Sweepy died
this once happy place
has made it difficult to stay 
without reminiscing . . . .

But so much is happening
and so many of you who are not on FB
wanted me to update . . .

Our trees Yvon and Chicky
are blooming with fruits.
Chicky has year-round chicos
which the birds eat and
Yvon will be ready with avocados soon!

Hughes celebrated his first Gotcha day last April 19
and he is now more relaxed.
I update regularly on FB 
but I am on private setting
but if you leave a message for me here
or email me I can add you.

Kizu is now playing with Petrine
the kitten of Petrocelli and Petra.
We lost Petrocelli after Sweepy died.
And Petrine decided to climb down 
from the roof shed and be friends 
with Kizu and Hughes!

Kizu celebrated his birthday last April 1
and his Gotcha day yesterday May 2.
Oh how time flies!
My hounds now are younger
more playful but manageable.
They are less heavy than Sweepy's family
and thus easier to carry.
The vet loves visiting them!

As for me I am busy with art projects.
I still work 3days a week
but lately because I am doing an exhibit
(just check my studio blog)
I work more days
which in intense heat
as it is summer now
leave me breathless.

I am also now doing a natural approach
to my health and condition
preferring to make it doable
simple and better for me.

Heaven is humming
and yes 
I am still here
with the hounds. . .ygyg


Lui said...

Sorry but it gets difficult to edit from iPad!

DeniseinVA said...

So happy to hear from you Lui. It seems that all is humming along in Heaven at a steady pace. I know what you mean editing with iPad. I have the same problem and that's why I will always have my laptop until things change :) Have a great week my friend. If I become a user of Facebook I will make sure I get in touch. Right now I never go to it. My head is mentally blocked in that direction for some reason. One of these days :)

Viola said...

Hello Lui! Long time no see, and I missed you too! :)
Now I'm both happy and sad. Sad for knowing Sweepy is not there in your garden, I've got so used to see him each time over the years!
But so glad to see Hughes and Kizu! :)
And I am also sorry for Petrocelli, RIP. But wow, such a lovely cat Petrine is! So glad to see your photos Lui!
Kizu and Petrine has grown fast!


Lisa Gordon said...

When I come here, I think of Sweepy too, Lui.
It's strange, you are halfway across the world, and I felt as if I knew him, and my heart just broke when I heard he had passed.

It looks like all of Heaven's creatures are doing beautifully. I was so hoping that Petrocelli would come home though.

It sounds like you are doing well too, and that makes me smile, sweet friend.

Sending you big, big hugs, and please do send me a FB invite.


Jeanne said...

Lui this is Jeanne Stone from Butterfly tales. I am so sorry to hear of Sweepy. It is so hard losing our sweet fur friends. I think of you often and hope you are well. I would love to see you also on facebook, and you could send me a friend request at Marian Jeanne Stone. Would love to see you. I don't know how to send you a friend request but would love to hear from you on this under my name. Hugs to you from Texas