22 October 2015

Lui: 2013 -2015

Nope, I am not dead.
I am just updating from two years ago
when I had surgery to remove my thyroids,
then had radiation after a month
supposedly to remove extra traces of cancer left.
Been trying to be busy after that.

This is my recent photo taken last September:
I am the one on the right with my team of friends
who worked as documenters for the recent APEC event
A month before that, I assisted in the National Art Fair in August:
And before that I helped curate and facilitate a workshop
with kids whose works formed part of an exhibition on play.
On a regular basis, I design and do workshops
for kids, adults, PWDs on site:
Looking at me and my energy
being on my toes, 
my capacity to work all day,
does not reveal the pauses,
those rare moments when I feel
like my system suffered from radiation
and although I am not in pain
I can sense the imbalance 
and possible destruction
brought by that invasion

I know it's been quite a while
and I have defied my doctor
who insists on another round of radiation for me!
That was last year
when my readings went down to normal
and my weight stabilized from 138 to 125 lbs
which does not show much because 
I always look slim and fit.
I could not understand why my doctor insisted on radiation
when he knew I felt worse after it
(remember that episode when I was taken
by ambulance to the hospital at dawn
a week after my radiation?)

Well, I have armed myself with information now.
I read and listened to stories of doctors, scientists.
and other cancer survivors at
and made contact with some of them
and realized that the natural cure program
that I designed for myself
were also done by other cancer survivors
and doctors abroad!
Their stories and researches validated
what I have been doing to keep myself fit.

I still take my levothyroxin meds at dawn.
An hour after, I take 1 to 3 tablespoons 
of virgin coconut oil then start my day.
I make myself lime/calamansi water
and eat fruits while having my sunbath.
An hour after, I take heavy breakfast.
I take calcium carbonate with my lunch.
Then, for dinner I take calcium carbonate again,
and a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil
which I also use to remove make-up
and as lotion for my face and body after shower.
I now take raw and fresh veggies
and fruits as smoothies every day too.
I try to share with my senior sisters too.
I now look to nature
and fresh natural foods
to keep my health in check.
Like these free flowing, fresh, 
chemical-free produce in my neighborhood
that provide fresh, healthy, 
and sun-filled nutrients
to repair the damage done by radiation.
Yes, it has been two years.
There are sluggish days
and there are better days.
I have left my fate in faith.

when my body decides to call it quits
I will simply fly free
and not worry 
because I have loved ones
and one great superdog
waiting for me at the curb.

Until then
Lui is still in Heaven
on earth. . .
Missing you all so much. . .


DeniseinVA said...

It was so great to see you pop up in my side-bar. You have been in my thoughts often. What an inspiration you are to me and to others my friend. Sending love and a big hug. Those photos of you are wonderfu!

Viola said...

So good to see you dear friend, a lovely lady and so clever in many ways.
It's good to hear you have faith, and I read with enthusiasm what you're eating. I have eaten virgin coconut butter, but I never heard about that drink instead of lemon (I just searched it up on the google now). I use to eat naturelle yogurt mixed with 1 teaspoon turmeric and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. I wish you are getting well and sending you warm thoughts from me and Pusa :) '')

Lisa Gordon said...

How wonderful to see you here, my friend, and you look amazing!!
What you are doing is obviously working for you, and then some!
Take good care of you, dear Lui, and I'll see you the next time you are here.
Sending you big hugs, xoxoxoxoxo