04 November 2015

Blog Blast For Peace!

This is one of my doodle for Inktober.
A perfect hand drawn image for
Mimi Lenox's Blog Blast for Peace.
It somehow expresses my blasting world:
me and my hounds in our house Heaven!

A Heaven where stray creatures find a home.
Petrine with her kittens and her mom Petra with her kittens:
now comprise the huge stray cat family in Heaven.

Where the lonely wanderers find their refuge at last!
Hughes has finally found his home!

And newborns are received
with wonder and love.
And where they grow up
never knowing the dangers of the being a stray!
When Kizu was handed down to us as a month old pup
we immediately received him with love and concern.
Now, a year after, Kizu and his father Hughes
is now part of our little Heaven.

And in the end
when the world closes to night
and the moon winks at us
the balmy night embraces us.
My creatures and I
we are one.
And that is Peace!


Viola said...

Oh Lui, such wonderful drawings and words! I had to "run" to your blog as I just saw you had a new post! :) I'm so happy to see all the 4legs, they are each and one beautiful and unique. Peace and love, yes :)
♡ viola and pusa ")

Clooney said...

Love your post, beautiful pictures and drawings. We join you today in blogging for peace.

Shannon W. said...

I love the drawings, the photos and this post. Peace to you and yours.


tweedles said...


Mimi Lenox said...

Your talent knows no bounds!! I am mesmerized by the drawings. You are one of those creative souls whose art is a perfect reflection of life. No one ever guess who you are.
That takes true courage. Stand in it, Lui. You're spot on.
What a lovely lovely blog4peace post.

Peace and love to you and yours,

Michelle said...

Perfect. I love love your drawings, Lui.

Best Peace blessings to you. :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You are blessed with loving beings......and they are blessed to have you. This is truly heartwarming.