28 February 2016

It's My Bday!

Yup I know.
This is my life in the furry lane!

I am busy doing production now 
so I was not able to update my blog. 
Read: I have an excuse. Haha!
Seriously, my production is moving my stash:
boxes and bins filled with recyclables like
cans, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, newspapers
or in short, I am a junk lady.
I look at an object and my mind dances!
I see junks transform into something usable again.
I see furniture and fixtures.
I see trinkets from cans.
I see a mountain of trash
upcycled into a functional works!
My father was like that.

So, in a fit of daring and bravado,
I am doing the TimeLight Project!
The project is a collaboration with my workshop students.
That means excitedly conceptualizing
with kids as young as 3 to special adults
with physical and mental challenges
to create clocks and lamps from their trash!
With no budget, no studio/storage space,
no gallery venue yet, no sponsors,
but pure trust in the divine spirit
to take me where I fear to tread.
Haha, that is so Me!

This is a complete turnaround from last year's
high profile, big budget art project about play (Laro)
which was exhibited successfully.
Check one of a blogger's take of Laro here.

So, I was busy.
But. . . .
But I took a day off today on my bday
to bring my senior sisters on
an eat-all-you-can buffet
and played with my dogs and cats!
I looove my furbabies!
Not a day has passed when I don't hug them.
They are my live toys!
Huggable, loving, and fun!

Kizu is now so grown up!
He will turn 2 this year.

Their vet, Dra. Miriam,
who still does housecalls,
refer to Kizu as macho dog
because he is all muscles!
He loves to play with Hughes
but Kizu's favorite is playing with the cats!

And my kittens are now big cats
Here they sleep outside my bedroom window
 listening to me sing when I am home!
And when they sleep
they form into hearts
and love
and anything warm and inspiring. . .
Have a wonderful week
and stay inspired!


Lisa Gordon said...

A bit belated, but a truly heartfelt Happy Birthday to you, Dear Lui.
I hope you had a day that was wonderful in every way, my friend. xo.

Lui Bacaltos said...

Thank you so much, Lisa!

Viola said...

♡ to show you they love you! :)
Hello Lui, long time since we had a chat. I cannot believe Kizu is already two yrs!
Time surely runs fast!and you are so creative!
How big the kittens have grown, wow. Your gardenis sure a Heaven for many! :)
Warm hugs from viola :) and pusa ")/

Viola said...

Oh! And happy happy late bday to you sweet Lui!:)

january said...

your birthday was one crazy day, praying for your good health lui!