01 April 2016

Today Kizu turns 2!

He was handed to us a month after
so his Gotcha day was May 2
and we're celebrating it also
but today was a great funny day!

Before Kizu was born nobody knew that Whitey was pregnant. Whitey was one of the neighbor's dogs that we feed until our neighbor died. When a new tenant came we begged them to keep the dogs and we promised to help feed them. We can not adopt the dogs because they were female and we can't afford to neuter them and we had a senior male dog Sweepy then. We did adopt the stray male dog who loves to stray in the neighbor's house and we named him Hughes.

Of course when Whitey gave birth and the new tenant waited a month for Whitey to nurse her pups before they handed little Kizu to us. They said they can not afford to keep the puppies. Kizu was the last puppy to be adopted. We had no option but to keep him. I practically cried when I first held Kizu! He was such a small helpless thing. 

I called the vet immediately for advice. It was not easy but we knew that we have to do something fast. We simply held that fragile creature in our hands and knew we were destined to take care of this homeless creature. Our fate and destiny with him has been sealed!
Kizu, a month after adoption. June 2014

With his father Hughes in 2014:

And still together now:
Of course, Kizu is bigger now and is more active
and plays with cats except for Petra!
Kizu whines when Petra naps in his house!
Petra hates the dogs and hisses at them!
And, of course, I scold her.
But this is just the way with animals.

But Kizu loves to play and jump with the cats around our small property. The vet calls Kizu "macho dog" because of his muscles. Kizu is super active! Who would have thought that the little puppy would turn out to be such a bundle  of energy and love! Kizu and Hughes kept Sweepy company in his senior years, always protective of Sweepy, and on Sweepy's  final hours, would cuddle with him in comfort. . .

Sometimes we choose our fate.
And most of the tine we simply just have faith.
Because our fate and faith
can lead us to a destiny
beyond our wildest dream!

Happy Barky Birthday Kizu!
I wish you drooly hugs and kisses . . .


Lui Bacaltos said...

Hi all! Sorry but it sure is such a hassle to blog using my iPad! But I will try to visit you all. . . Stay happy and be kind to everyone!

january said...

hi, lui. been awhile. i almost forgot as well that i have a blog hehehe. kizu has grown up pretty well and handsome. i commend you highly for opening you doors to homeless cats and dogs, you're such a blessing for these beautiful creatures. :)

Denise inVA said...

Happy Birthday Kizu, a little bit late. I took a blogging break and have only just read your comment. So happy to see you here :)