03 November 2016

Blog Blast For Peace 2016

I have been absent on this space like forever
but now because of tradition
and the relevance of this tradition
especially at a time when my country
is on the verge of anything
Not Peace
I am back.
. . . shouting Peace/Kapayapaan
and Freedom/Kalayaan
at a time when both seem so fragile
so many killings
so many ugly words
so many hurtful and harmful words and action
so Not Peace.

I will be back here
surviving storms, loss of loved ones,
sickness and loneliness,
and giving once again to passion
and Faith
and Love. . .
Simple words.
Big words.
Soon, it will be mine
and my country
and the world.

Dona Nobis Pacem.
Lord, please grant us Peace!
Mimi, I blog for Peace.
Join us!