16 January 2012

My Black Beast . . .

. . . was as dark as midnight.
Today, he has splattering of white . . .

. . . has a bushy black tail
now also splattered with white furs!

. . . has sharp claws
and often it is caked with mud
or with pebbles and dry leaves sticking out
and which I lovingly clean every night!

. . . has a strange nail like thing sticking out precariously on his foot and to which I would hold delicately in my hands, afraid to hurt him. I tell him that should he get lost I will recognize him from this birthmark!

. . . has sharp ears sticking out ready to listen to my woes and patiently leans his black head on my lap, or raise his paws to put on my lap but which sometimes land on my face!

. . . when he looks at me this way, I knew there is something he wanted to tell me. And I learned to listen back and communicate with him. No words are needed. We understand each other perfectly!

Yesterday my beast turned 12 years old (around 84 in human age)
and I saw him run and bark and play and eat with his pup Sweepy.
And I thank God and the heavens
for every single day that he is with me
and the 12 years that flew by so fast . . .

Happy Birthday Sumo!
May the rains kiss your whiskers
and the sun massage your drooly back.
May the wind caress you when I am not around
and constantly assure you that we will always be together . . .


One said...

Sumo is a lucky fella! My Clifford turned 3 on Jan 13. I wish there is someone like you around here who would love my Clifford if I have to move out of the country.

Jeanne said...

Silver threads among the gold! He is so lovely lui, and he looks so wise. So glad that he has such a wonderful home with you

Sivinden said...

He looks like a very friendly dog, no wonder you are fond of him:)

Anna said...

Hi Lui,
You certainly have a wonderful, old, well-loved friend here! I'm sure he feels blessed to have you as well. Love the kindness of his smile in your first shot!
Happy Bday, Sumo!
Thanks so much for your kind comments at CE and on my blog! I do appreciate them.

Lisa Gordon said...

Such a beautiful creature Lui, and how fortunate you are to have him in your life.
The second photo here?
Looks a lot like the little gray hairs I am beginning to find!! :-(

Thank you for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Angie said...

He is beautiful! Happy Birthday, Sumo! Indeed! :)

Love the images you've so lovingly taken of your Sumo.

Ms. Becky said...

oh my dear, what a loving tribute to your best friend. heartwarming. I'm happy that you deeply inhale each moment you share with him. happy Monday to you.

NatureFootstep said...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing what is close to you. :)

Viola said...

Happy Bithday Sumo! (again I say it)
He is such a beautiful dog! And he is looking wise! I'm sure you're having a good time with him and Sweepy! :) And they ar so lucky having you besides them ♥

I'm just reading a book how to communicate (talk) with the animals, very interesting. And without learning, some of us know it so well!

Hugs from Viola :) and Pusa ^^)

Oh! Thank you so much Sumo for including our b.day cards on your blog, We were so surprised, and we got so happy!! :)) ^^*

Unknown said...

He looks like a cutie!
And, a good companion.

geetlee said...

you are so fortunate to have a lovely pet. happy birthday dear Sumo! I hope both of you complete many more years of togetherness. Hugs.

The Artful Diva said...

Sumo looks pretty good for an old dog. I love the photos - especially the last one!

FYH said...

He looks like such a sweet dog!

Pat said...

What a beautiful tribute to dear Sumo! He's a great-looking dog. I just melt, looking into those beautiful brown eyes.