08 November 2009

Today's Flower

. . . is the Gumamela flower. I don't really know what they usually call it but when I was a kid we call it gumamela. I love these gumamela flowers. They make excellent decorations for your hair or hat, or cut for play cooking (haha!) and the fun part is when you squeeze the gumamela leaves with water for a sudsy concoction that is perfect for blowing bubbles! Oh, I truly missed blowing bubbles! The last time I did that (just last summer around April this year) I just used soap with water and my dogs went crazy jumping and barking and I stopped for fear that the soap bubbles might get into my dogs eyes! So much for playing with old dogs! By the way, this flower grows everywhere in the Philippines. And no matter how common it is, I have to ask the driver to stop at one of the gardens that has a gumamela flower sticking out of the white picket fence so I can take a picture and longingly pine for its beauty and sigh for those happy childhood memories. . . . There are more flowers and happy memories at TodaysFlowers!


Quilt Works said...

Wow, pretty! I've never seen this tropical flower before! Very pretty!

Forget-me-nots are my contributions to flowers today

Grace Olsson said...

Hello LUi....how are u and the dogs?they are ok?

When I was with 8 years old, in BRasil, Me and my sisters used that flowers on the face....hahahahahhahaha
We thought that the make up was from the hibiscus...and really...the face changed...hahahhaha
have a nice day

Nance said...

Lovely gumamela, (hibiscus) Lui. We used to have those too around our yard in pinas. A friend told me that they eat the buds as veggie?

eden said...

i agree it is called gumamela too in my place in Phi but here, we call it hibiscus .

nice shots

SandyCarlson said...

They look like hibiscus. Beautiful.

Arija said...

So lovely to be able to grow these beautiful tropical flowers.