31 July 2010

Today's Flowers . . .

. . . oh, how they dance

and dance so well

they swirl in circles

and within the circle
they hang their souls

to dry and sleep . . .

-words in my (day)dream

I am sorry but I do not know the name of these flowers. They belong to the garden of Dr. Perez whose grandchildren take art sessions with me on weekends. More unnamed and named beauties at TodaysFlowers.

UPDATED! Luna identified this as a Euphorbia!


chubskulit said...

Lovely blooms!

Moon Flower

Denise said...

Wonderful photos and I love this flower. Have a great week Lui.
An English Girl Rambles

Slugyard said...

Very unusual- I know I don't have any of them!

Luna Miranda said...

this flower is called Euphorbia or Crown of Thorns. my aunt was hooked to collecting this flower in every color available.

Lui said...

Oh, thank you Luna Miranda! Now I finally know its name! I see them everywhere and in every color! If they do not have thorns I would love to have them in our garden too!