23 January 2012

Sepia Moments

. . . are times in between the light and the dark hours . . .

It is those special moments in between holidays.
Of moments celebratory and happy.
Yet, at the cozy corner something is not right . . .

. . . because it is also the moment in between bliss and nagging fear:
am i happy? am i afraid?

I recently featured my alpha dog Sumo who recently turned 12
(now considered a senior dog).
For such a mean looking face (see sidebar of 'my beast' shot),
Sumo is a happy active dog.
But yesterday he suddenly stopped eating.
A sure sign that something is wrong.
Of course I knew I will say goodbye to him soon.
And I knew I must be prepared to let go when that time comes
so I was on edge every hour, watching him,
and putting myself in a state to be able to harness the power
to make him well, for him to stay a while,
and for me to stop crying . . . .
I went home in dread today.
I was expecting the worst.
But when I got home . . .
Sumo waited for me, hungry and well!

Sepia moments are special times.
They teach you about your weaknesses
but more importantly of your strengths.
To hold on.
And have faith.
And believe.

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Sweepy said...

But Popsy is well.
Now I wonder if I can stop watching over him when you're away?

lisa said...

Oh Lui, I do know how this feels, and I am so glad that he is okay now. They become such a part of our families, and it is so hard when they get sick. I truly hope he continues to be okay.

Thank you so very much for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a fantastic day!

lisa. xo

Connie Smiley said...

Big hugs to you and Sumo. Barley wanted to say hi, too.

Connie Smiley said...

Lui, I meant to say, that first image is gorgeous!

Viola said...

Oh my... I sort of got frightened myself, reading your words "I went home in dread today." ....and SO happy when I read he is fine! Sooo good! Because I've learnt loving him, too.. :)

Yes, Lui, that's right, stay in the hope! And you Sweepy, just look after him.. :)

Hugs, Viola :) Pusa ^^)

Jeanne said...

Oh thank goodness that Sumo was better when you got home. that is so hard when a dear friend is not doing well. I will pray for him! I love your photos also, they are lovely in Sepia! jeanne

The Chair Speaks said...

Yup, we know the feeling. Sending lots of purrs to you!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice sepia photos.

Regards and best wishes for you and Sumo

Pat said...

You've created some lovely photos here. I'm usually drawn more to b&w, but, oh, your sepia tints are very compelling - well done!

Pat said...

I love your sepia-toned photos, Lui!
I'm so happy that Sumo is okay - more hugs to him and Sweepy!