25 April 2012

SHS and Heaven

The week started out in a blast!
The rising sun filtering through the blinds
and the humid morning air
told me it is going to be another HOT day!
The weather bureau said the temperature
was 35 to 36 degrees celsius.
I say it is 40 degrees super HOT!
The plants were drooping in exhaustion,
and my dog Sweepy is drooling,
and we are constantly dousing water everywhere!
(Including on Sweepy!)

So I ordered RAIN.
Oh God of the earth and the heavens
send forth your cooling waters
and wash forth our drying land
and dying hearts . . .
. . . and the earth darkens
the smell of hot pavement cooling
the heavens peered down in pity
the skies roared and rains fell!
We, who lost our inherent power to speak,
and to communicate to all of the heavens,
has also lost the power to link to the divine . . .

The earth is healing.
It will burst and blast in cold and heat.
It will dry and flood in order to regain its glory.
We are but puny creatures
in this game of life.

To all who lost and found
who grieve and is comforted
who suffer and is healed
oh go ahead,
claim that raw, wild energy within you
and dare them to burn us once again!

And now for Ashley's

. . . i call forth rain!

Ancient or Antique
. . . i respect the wisdom of thine old trees . . .

Something That Makes Me Smile
MrFrogsky comes out around April
looking for his dog-friend Bogart
and instead got Sweepy's furs!


In The Sun
. . . now is the time
to embrace the joy and pain
and renewal in our earth
and in our heart . . .
(They share the same letters after all!)


Maia said...

Your orchids are lovely, as always.
Sorry for the heat you must endure.
You have too much, we could take some extra.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I really like the light coming in in the first shot.

Pat said...

Beautiful post! I love the way your photos illustrated the intense heat, followed by the gathering clouds and finally the life-renewing rain.

Nicki said...

The 'yellow' shot of the orchid is beautiful.

Life with Kaishon said...

My favorite is the second picture. Absolutely fantastic!

Viola said...

I'm glad you got rain, and I hope it will rain soon again! It must be wonderful to welcome the rain when days are soooo hot!! =)

Such a lovely post Lui! :)

Hugs :)

Holly said...

I love love love your pictures...especially yellow. So beautiful! (And I love the kitty pictures on your most recent post too!)