22 July 2014

Post Typhoon Glenda

I woke up around 1 AM 
and realized to my great delight
that electricity was finally restored
after living in the dark since Wednesday, July 16. . .

Typhoon Glenda visited my island dawn of July 16.
But I knew the typhoon was coming at dawn
instead of the predicted 8 AM . . .

The night before I started covering the dogs' kennel with tarps.
My sisters started bringing down the flower pots and 
tying up our trees and securing some stuff.

I heard my dogs howled around 1 AM
and I immediately went out to comfort them . . .
I huddled them in one of the kennels, 
dried their wet shaking bodies
and sang comforting words to lull them to sleep
while the typhoon started lashing around us!
Soon the electricity went off.

This was Hughes the day before the typhoon:
Hughes was like my late alpha dog Sumo, Sweepy's father,
who has a strong instinct for danger.
Hughes was restless the day before the storm.
And Hughes was right.
He had something to worry about.
Because that sunny weather became a raging storm by dawn!
Our house Heaven was battled early morning
and the next day we saw the damage . . .

I talked to the trees Yvon and Chicky the night before
". . . stay strong . . . hang tight to each other . . ."
. . . all the avocados fell from Yvon
and most of Yvon's branches were torn
but Yvon is OK.
Chicky is ok too.
Just as I knew they would.

Hughes had his fears . . .
. . . and now Hughes knows
that whatever fears he has
there is a stronger force
ready to support him.

The next day the dogs were all in their houses . . .
. . . since they were sleeping in comfort 
during the storm anyway!

Kizu, the pup, was his usual rowdy self.
Kizu suddenly had a playground of fallen leaves 
and twigs to play around!
Actually, all the dogs played
including my senior superdog Sweepy!

Petrocelli does not look happy . . .

. . . because his mate Petra
has a playful kitten now:
Look behind Petra.
Petra must be hiding her kitten on the roof
and the storm probably scared them.
And now we have a new kitten to adopt.
I call her Petrine.
I do not know if Petrine is male or female
but it does not matter.
Petrine is now part of our family.

There are lessons to learn during calamities.
And most of it is about hope and trust.

In my place, when electricity went off the water services is off too. My subdivision's water supply runs on electric pump. We thought we had enough water supply but the day after the storm we had to hire people to fetch water for us from kind neighbors who had manual water pumps. For drinking water we simply ordered delivery but because there was a huge demand for water we received our potable water two days after! Good thing we had enough drinking water supply until delivery.

The telephone connections went off as well. We were told that telephone service runs on power too. I used to remember that we had telephone service even during brownouts but now it is different. We lost the power to call for emergency or to assure family we are OK because our mobile phones were running on low batteries too. I was able to charge my mobile phone only last Sunday evening when I went to the parlor to charge my laptop and phone. And because I was able to do that I now sport a new short haircut. :-) . . . 

It was pretty tiring the first two days after the storm. Tempers are high but my sisters and I were trying to find humor in the situation. We remind each other to conserve water after realizing that the storm's damage was extensive and that we might not have electricity for a while. Conserve your energy. Conserve your mobile phone batteries. 

But people, neighbors and strangers, were very helpful.
We connect in the midst of crisis.
We look out for each other.
We have to keep faith that things will turn out right soon.

I had tons of paperwork to do 
but without electricity and use of laptop & wifi
 I had to use my notebook (the one made of paper)
and with my hand and brain (the one not powered by internet)
I manually scribbled work plans, MOAs,
WIP reports, layouts, workshop projects, etc.

A week without electricity
and world is quiet
the world stood still
and my creative mind and heart is brimming.
My energies remain high
even when I was physically tired
from coping without the amenities.

We survived this week . . .
and a week without electricity.
Other people were not so lucky.
A lot of areas are still without power until now.
Later today
I will go to work again,
facilitate a workshop,
attend a meeting,
do my reports,
and time is back to its regular rhythm.

Thank you for your concern and prayers
and I pass it all back to you.
May your days and nights be equally be blessed.


Lisa Gordon said...

Oh my goodness, Lui, I did not hear about this. I am SO glad that all of you are okay. I hope everyone has their power back soon.

I am sure that animals can sense things like this. It looks like my Big Handsome Boy did just fine.

Again, I am so glad that you and everyone is Heaven is ok.

Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friend.

xoxoxoxoxoxo and some for my Big Fella...xoxoxoxooxoxo

DeniseinVA said...

I was thinking of you and wondering how you had fared. Glad all is well now and that you and everyone in Heaven is okay.

january said...

my hometown in cavite wasn't spared too and electrical power and water supply was cut for 12 days.

i'm glad everything & everyone in heaven is undamaged except for the fallen leaves and broken branches which will soon recover and grow back again.

Viola said...

First now I found your post, how scary! I'm glad it ended good, although the loss of the avocados and the branches.
How Kizu has grown! Wow!
And Petrocelli and Petra have got a kitten, how great that you take care of them! Lui you have a great heart! :)
It was so fun to see you all again, here in this post.
Lots of hugs and kisses
Pusa '')/ and Viola :)